Should You Tuck In Your Scrubs Or Not?

Should You Tuck In Your Scrubs Or Not

When you walk through a hospital or any other medical facilities, you’ll see that some nurses tuck their scrubs and some leave them untucked. It is pretty typical for nurses to not tuck in their scrubs all the time, especially while busy and under stress, but there are some who see it as the best way to wear scrubs. Scrubs are easy to put on, easy to clean, replaceable, and can instantly let a patient or visitor know that you are a hospital employee.

Would you tuck your scrubs in? Let’s take a look at why some nurses choose to tuck in their scrubs, and the pros and cons to tucked or untucked scrubs.

Why Nurses Choose To Tuck In Their Scrubs

It does come down to nurses and their personal preference for how they decide to wear their scrubs, but the ones that do tuck their scrubs in usually have an explanation. There are some legitimate reasons why a nurse may choose to tuck their scrub tops in.


Most medical professionals will tuck in their scrubs for practicality. You’ll see doctors wearing supplied unisex scrubs that tend to be baggy and have a better fit when tucked in. Some doctors carry beepers that fit more comfortably on the pant line when a scrub shirt is tucked. Anyone working in the OR usually will have their tops tucked in to keep everything as safe and sterile as possible, and avoid sweeping any surfaces with their clothing. Tucked in scrubs tend to be less practical for nurses, as having available pockets is necessary to carry various needed objects. 


Some people find it more comfortable to wear their scrubs tucked in and feel more confident doing their job knowing their scrubs won’t ride up or expose any part of their body. But on the contrary, some feel more comfortable with their scrubs untucked claiming it to be less restricting. In this case, it boils down to personal preference.

Tucked Or Untucked Scrubs?

Beyond personal preferences, there are advantages and disadvantages to tucking scrubs in. There is generally no wrong way to wear your scrubs, unless your workplace has a policy. You can personally decide whether you’d like to tuck them or not, but here we take a look at the pros and cons of each.

Pros and Cons of Untucked Scrubs


  • Easier access to pockets
  • More comfortable waistline
  • Does not limit range of motion


  • Can ride up
  • May look unprofessional or do not fit correctly
  • Can sweep surfaces
  • Not safe for sterile environments

Pros and Cons of Tucked Scrubs


  • More professional look
  • Better fit
  • Secure for sterile environments
  • Prevents stains and contamination


  • No access to bottom pockets
  • Restrictive on the waist
  • May bunch up awkwardly

Tucking Scrubs With Pockets

Pocketless tuck-in scrubs are available, but if you don’t want this option, how do you tuck in scrubs that have pockets?

You’ll tuck the top part of your scrubs as you would any other clothing, but here are some tips for tucking in scrubs with pockets:

  • Choose a long enough scrub shirt
  • Don’t tuck your top in so far that you cannot access your pockets
  • Make sure your tucking completely covers your underclothes
  • Choose underclothing that does not expose parts of your body

Should You Tuck In Your Scrubs?

When it comes to tucking in your medical scrubs, unless your medical facility has a specific dress code policy, it is really up to you how you choose to wear them. After looking at the pros and cons, we think it depends what tasks you are performing, what level of safety you need, and what you find most comfortable to work in throughout the day. For nurses, pockets on scrubs are a big deal to have important items handy at all times.

There is no wrong or right way to wear your scrubs! Most healthcare facilities are more concerned with the scrubs being worn over what they look like. But aside from how you wear them, make sure to take care of them as well. Any holes, tears, rips, or stains, we recommend getting a new pair immediately. Simple changes to care for your scrubs to look clean and professional will offer peace of mind to patients and visitors that they are in good hands.

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Should You Tuck In Your Scrubs Or Not?

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