4 Signs Your Child Needs to Get Braces

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Are you wondering whether your child needs braces? Good oral hygiene and healthy teeth are vital to a child’s development. Braces can help achieve this, as long as you act early.

There are some obvious signs of knowing when your child requires braces and most parents spot them. But, there are also some not-so-common signs that all parents should know to watch out for.

By understanding these, you can ensure your children’s teeth stay healthy. So, what are they?

Well, keep reading and we’ll share four of the biggest signs that your child needs to get braces.

1. Crowded or Crooked Teeth

Perhaps the most well-known sign of needing braces is crooked or crowded teeth.

Crowding usually happens when there isn’t enough space inside the mouth for all the teeth. This in turn causes the teeth to become crooked which causes problems.

For instance, if your child has crowded teeth, they cannot brush and floss effectively. This can cause plaque buildups, teeth staining and, gum disease.

To solve this, dentists may have to remove teeth before an orthodontist fixes braces to the rest. This gives the teeth more room to move and makes it easier for them to become straight.

2. Gaps Between Teeth

Some children’s adult teeth come through straight, but with sizeable gaps in between.

This may cause them to suffer embarrassment when smiling as well as issues biting. Plus, over time the teeth may start to move and become crooked.

A majority of the time, your child will need no teeth removal and braces for only a short while, depending on how big the gaps are.

3. Under or Overbite

These two signs are easy to spot but require attention as soon as possible.

An overbite is where the top teeth overlap the bottom teeth. It’s fairly noticeable as the person is generally unable to close their mouth.

Having an overbite increases the risks of damage to the front teeth. You can also suffer complications when getting things like fillings or crowns.

An underbite is a complete opposite of an overbite. Underbites can cause difficulties with chewing as well as accelerating facial aging.

If your child has an underbite then get them braces straight away. If left untreated, it may require surgery to correct.

4. Speech Problems

If your child regularly has problems with pronunciation, or, suffers from a lisp, it can be a sign that braces are required.

So, you should find an orthodontist to get them examined. Applying braces and aligning the teeth can solve both problems and should boost your child’s confidence.

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How to Know if Your Child Should Get Braces

As you can see, there are many signs that can determine whether your child needs braces.

Make sure you take note of all of them and keep an eye out. But remember that if your child does get braces, it significantly improves their oral hygiene and leaves them with a beautiful smile.

Finally, check out our blog for more useful health tips.

4 Signs Your Child Needs to Get Braces

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