Skull Side View Outline

This illustration shows the bones of the skull side view. The anterior skull is made up of the facial bones, which provide bony support for the eyes and other structures of your face. The zygomatic arch separates the areas of the skull from the ear canal and cheekbones. The arch is formed by the intersection of two bony processes. The temporal process is the cheekbone and the zygomatic process extends forward from the temporal bone.

After defining the bones of the skull, you can move on to drawing the facial features. Draw the eyes sockets and the nose. The nose should reach the point where the lower half of the skull meets its upper half. These lines will guide you in placing the eye holes and other features. The vertical center line is another important line. It will help you define the jawline and cheekbones. You will eventually be able to see the skull side view.

Next, draw a curve. This will define the mouth and eye sockets. Divide the teeth area using a darker medium. Continue to align the skull’s upper portion and add details to the teeth. When you’re done, complete the drawing. Now it’s time for you to add color and details. If you’re looking for a step-by-step drawing guide, this is it.

Skull Side View Outline
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