Sky Golem Recipe – Easy and Fast WoW Gold Makes With One

Sky Golem Recipe

A while ago my friend asked me how to make a sky golem recipe. He knew I made them but had never thought about it myself. I tried a few times and didn’t get a sky golem until I was level 10. I just couldn’t believe that I got one. When I researched it I found they are actually pretty hard to make and the drop rate isn’t very high, but you can always farm the ingredients and make a sky golem recipe.

First Thing To Do

Some time ago, someone told him the easiest way but wanted to ensure he was actually getting his desired coins for the real deal. He decided to follow the tip and did it, but ended up wasting quite a bit of gold, likely on an Ascended flying mount. When I tried to gather the ingredients to make the sky golem, I only had to go kill mobs and drop their loot items, nothing special. Which I find is the downfall with this method.

Second Thing To Do

The next thing I tried was the same as the first guy. The only difference is that I killed mobs more often and pulled more loot from pots. I also was rewarded more often. I got the recipe for the Skycloth pretty quick and started flying around the map killing mobs while collecting the ingredients.

Do not Cheat to gather the ingredients

The problem with this is that there is no way to tell if the recipe is going to give you what you want or not. The Skycloth in the game is totally random, you can have it, but it’s not guaranteed. There were several people that made lots of gold selling the sky goes the recipe, but they were either cheating or took so long to gather the ingredients, that they just didn’t have time to wait and sell them. In World of Warcraft, everything is moving pretty fast.

Another big problem that seems to be around forever is the sky golem being one of the best weapons in the game. You can level up faster with it, can cast spells while you have it gives you a lot of attack power. The downside? When the patch notes came out, they buffed the potions of sky goes!

Play Lottery or Not?

I guess it depends on how much you want to gamble. Do you really have the time to wait for the right ones to come in, or do you want to get them as soon as possible? Personally, I would play the lottery. Why? Because the rarest ones will always be worth the most!

A sky gold is so rare it makes the Sky Caverns so much better. It’s worth it, hands down! There are two things to remember when using these things. First, don’t forget to combine them with potions of air or other similar buffs.

How to Become a True Wow Addict

Second, try to get a bunch of them as quickly as possible. Once you get a nice chest of sky golem loot, you’ll be selling like crazy! And that, my friend, is how you become a true WOW addict. Sky golem recipes are the ultimate way to wow your World of Warcraft friends. Use them to your full advantage.

So what do you need to make one? Well, obviously you’re going to need a recipe. Fortunately, there are many Sky Golem recipes available. The best place to find them is on the Internet. There are many popular online retailers selling great Sky Golem recipes.

Thing to Remember about Sky Golem Recipe

The main thing to remember about a sky golem recipe is to make sure you have all of the required items. You have to have potions of air, at least one piece of leather and you’ll also need to have a book. Don’t worry too much about the prices online. There is plenty of competition between the different sellers, so you can find the cheapest price online.

Once you have these items, you just have to click away! You can craft sky goes armors, tops, and sails very quickly with this particular crafting method. I must say that this is my favorite method to make some gold in Warcraft as it’s very quick and easy to level your character up too!


It’s actually surprising how effective this is for making gold in Warcraft! The only advice I would give you is that make sure you only put the pieces you need in one place. If you click and sort through the items and try to put more in then you’ll just waste your time. Has fun Sky Golem!

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Sky Golem Recipe – Easy and Fast WoW Gold Makes With One

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