Skylights and Wellness: How Natural Light Impacts Your Home Environment

Skylights and Wellness: How Natural Light Impacts Your Home Environment

Every homeowner wants their living space to look outstanding. As many interior designers will admit, how you light your space ultimately determines how it looks. Natural light provides the best source for indoor illumination, and its effect is unmatched. Let’s look at what natural light has to offer.

Energy Efficiency

Natural light contributes to energy efficiency by minimising dependence on artificial lighting. With the right windows and skylights, you can light spaces with daytime sunshine. As a result, you can slash your lighting bill by half. Most architects design spaces to maximise daytime lighting. Design elements like large windows, reflective wall paint colours, and centrally positioned skylights contribute to good indoor lighting.

Health Promotion

The sunlight is good for your health. It’s important for the natural synthesis of vitamin D, which promotes bone health and good immune function. The sun is also involved in controlling the circadian rhythm, improving the quality of sleep and daytime energy levels. Getting some sunshine also improves cortisol levels by up to 50%, enhancing stress management.

Connection to Nature

The sun is the gateway to nature and the outdoors in general. Direct sunlight improves proximity to the outdoors and reduces the perception of isolation. Architects use large windows to create unobstructed views and continuity that draws occupants closer to their outdoor spaces.


Anyone who has survived the short days and long nights of winter can attest to the effect of the sun on mood. Natural light improves circulating levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter associated with stress reduction and happiness. This may explain why seasonal depression is prevalent during winter when the days are shorter.

Expands and Brightens

Natural light makes spaces feel more inviting and larger. Additionally, it emphasises architectural features and textures, promoting the effect of varied dimensions and depth. This re-creates an interplay of shadow and light, fostering a visually enhancing and dynamic environment.

Skylights As a Solution for Natural Light

One of the best ways to maximise natural lighting is skylights. This is simply a window installed along the roof to maximise natural lighting. Unlike standard windows, a skylight allows light entry at a more favourable angle, maximising indoor penetration. Skylights are a great aesthetic and practical installation for residential and commercial spaces. However, before installing a skylight, identify your requirements and narrow down on size, placement, and type.

The bill that comes with installing a skylight requires proper budgeting. Costs to take into account include permits, installation costs and skylight fees. Although you can take a DIY approach, certified professionals guarantee good installation, and in some cases, not all roofs are skylight-friendly. Consult a construction expert like a structural engineer to examine your roof’s suitability, considering factors such as material composition, load capacity, and pitch.

Skylight Options

The world of skylights is full of options. Fixed skylights provide navigable views, while vented alternatives ensure airflow. On the other hand, operable skylights facilitate ventilation control and provide access to the roof. Tubular skylights are great for maximising the distribution of natural light to indoor spaces. They are also cheaper to install and only take a small surface area. The only downside of the tubular design is the limited view of the sky. Also, consider factors such as shape, energy efficiency ratings, and material (glass, acrylic, polycarbonate) as you choose your skylight.

All in all, skylight installation can change your living space, but it needs proper planning, professional input, and proper execution. Understand the steps involved, factor in your preferences and budget, and emphasise quality and safety. Install a skylight today and see what you have been missing out on. It’s a whole different living experience.

Skylights and Wellness: How Natural Light Impacts Your Home Environment
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