Steven Sellers

Steven Sellers

Steven Sellers is an acoustic guitar player renowned for performing at radio shows throughout South Texas and schools, encouraging children to express themselves creatively through writing and music. Together with his son he often plays at schools.

Steven Sellers recounts with humor and candor his life-altering epiphany that change or die, as well as the recovery process that transformed both physically and spiritually his life.

Early Life and Education

In his younger years he joined the Air Force as a Survival/SERE Instructor and rose through its ranks until finally becoming Chief Master Sergeant. He took great pride in serving his nation while helping those in need; always wearing a smile and always offering help when asked. A true friend and mentor for all.

Coupled together, they survived on his income from laundry work, her student loans and savings accounts, as well as the earnings from Stephen’s first professional short story sales to men’s magazines. Stephen also lived for three months in Boulder before returning home. Now settled back in Maine, they own homes both in Center Lovell and Bangor where they spend winter months and offer scholarships for local high school students.

Professional Career

Steve has extensive experience representing clients in all aspects of business and intellectual property matters, such as formation, capital raising and contract drafting/negotiation. Additionally, he advises businesses in international acquisition transactions as well as licensing/protection agreements for intellectual property rights.

He frequently advises private equity funds and financial institutions on investments in commercial real estate properties of all kinds, as well as owners, developers and purchasers of affordable housing projects or renewable energy initiatives on financing matters.

He advises boards of significant charitable, educational, and tax-exempt entities on matters pertaining to fiduciary duties and governance issues. His extensive policy writing experience encompasses EIL/PLL coverages as well as CGL, inland marine liability coverage. Furthermore, he assists Underwriters in understanding complex risks such as hydraulic fracturing technologies.

Achievement and Honors

Steven excelled as a leader during his Air Force career and attained the rank of Chief Master Sergeant. His leadership style included both encouraging and supporting his troops while providing education; yet remaining lighthearted even when dealing with extremely serious matters; making him highly respected by those around him.

As president of IAEE, he oversaw its development of new services and actively advocated its interests. Additionally, he worked with lawmakers and federal agencies to highlight the significance of face-to-face meetings as an economic force within global society.

Sellers was an Academic All-American during his three seasons of playing football at UMHB and graduated in May with a 4.00 GPA while becoming part of Hampshire Honor Society.

Personal Life

Steven Sellers hails from South Texas. At 14 he began his radio career at hometown station KAML in Kenedy by performing in live country music shows on KAML’s 250-watt station. Soon thereafter he was appointed weekend announcer on this 250-watt station, before expanding his broadcasting reach further by broadcasting stations in San Antonio, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, and elsewhere.

In 2006, he was honored as San Antonio Radio Personality of the Year and nominated for the Radio and Records Classic Hits air personality of the year award. Additionally, Christy and he are married with four children between them.

He takes great pleasure in playing golf and tennis as well as spending time with his family. Additionally, he loves reading and exercising on his Peloton bike for daily workouts.

Net Worth

Steve Sellers is an acclaimed businessman, award-winning show host and entertainer renowned for making waves in the entertainment world. He currently boasts an estimated net worth of $200 Million.

An internet sensation first rose to fame through posting videos of his pranks and drinking and eating challenges on social media. Soon thereafter, his popularity led to investing in Rumble (an alternative video-sharing platform and YouTube competitor). Now an active contributor in their community, he even rang the bell in September 2022 to commemorate their IPO!

Alongside his work on Rumble, he also invests in several different companies. Notable investments include Full Send Clothing which brings in annual profits exceeding $70 Million per year as well as Happy Daddy Hard Seltzer which has sold millions of cans since its introduction.

Steven Sellers
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