Swagg Man fortune

Swagg Man is a Tunisian-French rapper and personality from Paris. How rich is Swagg Man?

Rapper. Born on April 29, 1990 in Nice, France. Swagg Man fortune is estimated at around 1.7 million euros. Swagg Man released a rap album entitled Swagg Man Posey on June 27, 2014 in France. He currently lives in Miami, Florida. He has the Louis Vuitton logo tattooed on his head.

Bourgeois name: Iteb Zaibet
Siblings: Nawel Zaibet
Swagg Man size: 1.75 m
Nationality: Tunisian-French
His career began: 2014

What is the Swagg Man net worth?
Swagg Man’s net worth is currently € 1.7 million.

Record labels: SWM ENTERTAINMENT, Addictive music.
Music genres: Hip hop.
Debut studio album: Swagg Man Posey (2014).
Is also often searched for: K2RHYM, Amandine du 38, Sami Fehri, Sheyn.

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Swagg Man fortune

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