Swiss Coin Crossword Answers

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If you’re stuck on a Swiss coin crossword puzzle, you’re not alone. There are 10 other crossword puzzles with the same clue. Here are some possible solutions for this puzzle. Listed below are some related clues to Swiss coin. If you’re stumped, try searching our database using the letters you’ve already found. You’ll be glad you did. Just click on any of them to find the answer.

The 2 centimes coin is the most common type of Swiss currency. It was first struck in bronze, but is now made out of zinc. The reverse of the coin features the federal coat of arms and a profile of Liberty. It also features a legend that says CONFOEDERATIO HELVETICA in Latin. The obverse of the coin shows a standing figure of the goddess Helvetia. The reverse side of the coin displays the federal coat of arms and DOMINUS PROVIDEBIT.

The Swiss franc was introduced in 1850, two years after the formation of the federal state. On 7 May 1850, a federal law was passed establishing the new currency. Initially, the franc had parity with the French franc of the day, with one franc equaling five grams of 90% pure silver. The official exchange rate was seven Batzen to one franc.

Swiss Coin Crossword Answers
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