Thanksgiving Pug Metal Print

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Before taking your thanksgiving pug to the Thanksgiving feast, make sure your pet is properly exercised. Pugs love being with people so be prepared to have them jump on you and beg for food. If your pug isn’t capable of controlling them in these situations, you might consider leaving them at home or limiting their access only to one or two rooms. A well-fed pug will not ask for more treats from you.

Pugs can eat turkey meat with no bones, skin or seasoning. However, you should keep the rest of the bird out of reach of your pet. Turkey bones are dangerous for dogs because they can damage their digestive tract. Avoid giving your dog a piece of turkey if you don’t plan to serve it to your family. Also, keep turkey bones out of your dog’s reach if you plan on preparing it for Thanksgiving. You don’t have to let your dog miss out on the fun!

If you’d rather give your Pug a thank you gift, consider giving them a metal print featuring a Pug. This is a fun and creative way to show your gratitude for the holiday. Besides a beautiful gift for your Pug friend, a metal print is a wonderful addition to your home decor. The Fawn Pug Metal Print measures twelve inches by sixteen inches and is packed with color. It is rust-resistant with rounded corners making it a durable choice as Thanksgiving decor.

Thanksgiving Pug Metal Print
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