The 2016 Orlando Magic Roster

The Orlando Magic have made several changes to their roster this offseason. They added Stephen Zimmerman, Bismack Biyombo and D.J. Augustin was lost to Oladipo in free agency. They will likely resign Evan Fournier. Jodie Meeks was also added, which is a solid addition as a second shooting guard. D.J. and Jeff Green were added to Orlando’s big men. Augustin, and traded for Jodie Meeks. They lost Oladipo, but they have added some veteran veterans to strengthen the front line.

The Orlando Magic roster this year features many young and talented players. Many of these players are still in development. Since Gordon is expected to play in the outfield this season, Orlando must ensure that they can also develop a star internally. Hezonja could lose time to Green, which could prove costly. Vogel must be able combine the talents of his young players to create a dynamic defense. It will take a while before Orlando can make the playoffs, but they will be a good team in a few years.

The Magic have 13 players under contract and two open spots as training camp begins. Guards are of particular interest to the Magic. Murphy and Wilcox are both skilled defenders and have a great shooting touch. While the Magic did not draft Onuaku, his Summer League play demonstrated his scoring ability in the paint. And finally, Rudez, who played 33 games with the Timberwolves last season, is an intriguing player with a solid college career.

The Orlando Magic have made a whirlwind offseason. The team brought in Frank Vogel as coach, traded away a key player, and signed Bismack Biyombo to help with defense. Despite these moves, there is still a lack of defense, a focal point, or a clear direction. The Magic have taken a win-now approach, so they must find the right balance between offense and defense.

The 2016 Orlando Magic Roster
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