The Advantages of a Bernese Mountain Dog Cart

A traditional competition vehicle is the Bernese mountain dog cart. Some carts are based upon Swiss designs, but many others are not. These carts are great for beginners. However, seasoned competitors may prefer a smaller cart. Rosti’s Cart Kits are versatile, affordable, and durable. If you want a cart with flat wheels, you can purchase a kit with black Flat Free wheels for an additional cost. Helmbolds Woodworks is the company that makes these carts. It was established after a successful training program.

You can buy your Bernese cart but you might also consider attending a club event. This way, you can learn from the expertise of the members and enjoy other activities with your dog. You will also receive a First Draft certificate as well as goody bags. Participating in a Bernese club event has many other benefits. Here are some of the benefits:

The harness and shafts connect to the cart through two places. The harness connects to the dog’s shafts, while the tracers attach to the front of the cart. The shafts have brakes that prevent the harness from sliding up the shaft. This is important when you are traveling uphill or carrying heavy weights. The harness and tracers can be adjusted individually to fit the dog’s shoulders and length.

If you do not want to purchase a harness, a cardboard box can do the trick. These carts make little noise and are inexpensive. They are easy to maintain and don’t cause any halts for your dog. You can even use a cardboard box as a first cart to get your puppy used to wheels. Ideally, the harness will have a large turning circle, so be sure to choose the right size.

Although carting isn’t necessary for humans, many Berner owners acknowledge that it is part their breed’s heritage. It is now a competitive sport and the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America holds carting competitions. This type of competition requires consistent training, as well as a strong sense humor. These dogs are great for pulling carts, sledding, and other activities.

While some dogs are made for jogging or running, Bernese mountain dogs are incredibly strong. The average adult male or female Bernese mountain dog weighs between 75 and two hundred pounds. These dogs are naturally built to pull large weights, and they are able to carry up to ten times their own body weight in carts. Their calm temperament is an added bonus. They are devoted to their masters and will do anything they can to please them.

It was unknown before the Bernese mountain dogs were praised for their contributions to the breed. But in the late 1800s, Franz Schertenlieb showed two short-haired Bernese mountain dogs to a Swiss mountain dog enthusiast, Albert Heim. Heim, a champion for Swiss mountain dogs, encouraged breeders. The Bernese mountain dog gained popularity because of this.

The Advantages of a Bernese Mountain Dog Cart
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