The AME Club – A Closer Look

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The AME Club offers a great opportunity to network and learn about industry trends. Its members are invited to three or four meetings a year, which usually feature topical discussions and presentations from noted authorities in their respective fields. The club’s membership is open to all, which allows for a wide range of people to enjoy its networking benefits. The venue is also the site of regular concerts by some of the biggest names in the music industry. Here are some things you can expect at an AME meeting.

The Ame Club is an outdoor sister venue to the Laroc club, and it is located in the hills adjacent to the latter. Its outdoor feel is enhanced by its 16-meter ceiling, sunloungers, and huge soundsystem. The venue can accommodate up to 2500 people, and its underground ethos is sure to appeal to dancers from all over the world. On November 17, Joris Voorn, a Dutch techno expert, will host the launch party.

The AME Club – A Closer Look
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