The Broncos Have a New QB

The Broncos have a few options at quarterback. Drew Lock, a third year player, is currently the starter. Coaches chose Bridgewater over Lock, because he is still learning how to play. Lock has been ineffective since the start of his rookie season and his future with Broncos looks bleak. Lock would have been a great franchise quarterback if the Broncos had been looking.

The Broncos lost Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway in 1993 to the New York Jets. The Broncos were able acquire Teddy Bridgewater and a sixth round pick in a trade. Bridgewater’s performance led the team to finish 10th in the league with a winning percentage 24 points higher than the rest of the competition. The Broncos will be on the road on Thursday night to take on the Jets.

The Denver Broncos have had a solid quarterback since post-Elway. In 16 seasons, their primary QB had a per-start QB Elo value that was higher than league average thirteen times. Tebow was an exception to the rule, but the rest of the team’s quarterbacks have offered a solid floor. The team is in the best position to win now, so Wentz is a welcome addition.

The Broncos have already had 11 starting quarterbacks since Manning retired. Trevor Siemian was the latest to be drafted in round 7. He played 25 games, had a 13-11 record, and completed 59.3% of his passes. He threw for 5,686 yard and 30 touchdowns. In exchange, the Broncos gave up a seventh-round pick and will use the fifth round pick of 2019 to select Justin Hollins.

Despite this unfortunate situation, the Broncos have no remorse. Their offense was subject to some punishment during their absence of two weeks. The NFL has started a formal review of the situation. As a result, more teams could choose to quarantine quarterbacks, and players may abide by stricter COVID-19 protocols. It will impact more players if more teams do this.

The Broncos are still looking for a backup quarterback for 2022. Josh Johnson will be joining Brett Rypien in the future as the backup quarterback. The Broncos were in need of another quarterback, and Johnson’s background is an asset. Johnson is well-traveled, and has had experience as a backup. Since Russell Wilson’s trade to the Seahawks, the Broncos have been in constant flux.

While the front office is reportedly committed to signing the best quarterback prospects in the draft, the front office may need to turn to the trade market in 2022 to find their new starter. The Green Bay Packers want Aaron Rodgers to stay, and George Paton, GM, will do his best to get him. The Broncos still have a top-tier team and need a great quarterback to match it.

Griese played for the Broncos during the 2002 season. After being cut by Panthers, Griese was signed to the practice team in April 2020. Hinton, who had spent the two previous seasons on the practice team, was waived at the start of the season. He never received the recognition he required to be a top-tier quarterback in the league. After 2002, the Broncos released him and replaced him by Jake Plummer (a former Cardinals starter).

The Broncos Have a New QB
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