The Cougar Investment Fund at WSU

The Cougar Investment Fund at WSU is a student-run fund with more than $3 million in assets. It has consistently outperformed the S&P 500 index since its inception in 2001. Students in the Carson College of Business make investment recommendations to the Senior Portfolio Manager. They work in a trading room with faculty members and an electronic ticker board that provides real-time financial market news. The Cougar Investments Fund is currently valued at $1.5 million.

The Cougar Investment Fund course was started over 20 years ago by Rick Sias, who was a finance graduate at WSU when he started the program. The program was modeled after a similar course at Cornell University. In addition to gaining practical investment knowledge, Sias wanted undergraduates at WSU to acquire real-world skills. Under the new leadership of Mario Reyes, the class continues to grow.

The course is a year-long project-based program. Three students are assigned to serve as Portfolio Managers and other students as sector analysts. Each sector has a lead analyst. The analysts must write a report and present their buy/sell recommendations to the class. The class will vote on whether the recommendations are a good idea. If the majority of the students vote in favor of the buy/sell recommendation, it will be passed to the University’s Senior Investment Manager for consideration.

The Cougar Investment Fund is an experiential course that enables WSU students to practice their investment skills. Students work for real-world investors and university endowment funds, and they gain hands-on experience in fund management and financial valuation. By the end of the year, they have developed a portfolio that reflects their research and analysis. It’s a rewarding learning experience that is applicable to real-world financial situations.

The Cougar Investment Fund is an innovative program that has been running for 20 years. It’s a hands-on investment program that focuses on analyzing individual companies and their stock market performance. It also offers a unique opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience in investing. And the program is run by graduate students from the Carson College of Business. They will manage the funds with their own capital and use the techniques learned to research stocks.

The Cougar Investment Fund is a one-year course that teaches students how to invest using real-world financial data. As part of the program, students are given a yearlong internship as an intern for the school’s investment firm. As a result, they gain valuable experience in real-world financial management. In addition, they will receive an internship after the program. So, if you’re interested in pursuing a career in the financial industry, the Cougar Investment Fund might be a good fit for you.

The Cougar Investment Fund at WSU was founded 20 years ago. The students are tasked with analyzing the financial market and making investment recommendations. The students are given an opportunity to make their own investments and learn from successful ventures. And they will also have the opportunity to develop valuable real-world skills. The class will also be a great place for WSU graduates to network with the business community. It is an excellent way to learn about career opportunities and develop your resume.

Among WSU’s undergraduate investment programs, the Cougar Investment Fund is a popular choice. The students gain hands-on experience in the investment industry by learning how to analyze the market and make investment decisions. This program is offered to undergraduates to give them real-world experience in financial matters. They are also exposed to rigorous financial valuation techniques. The program will help them to become successful in the future. They will be able to take advantage of the wealth of resources and expertise in the city.

In addition to the student-run Cougar Investment Fund, it also offers real-world experience to students in the field. The students are tasked to make investment decisions for the University’s endowment funds and individual investors. The program gives them a hands-on experience in the world of business, while the undergraduates get a chance to gain valuable skills. This program has been a success for dozens of WSU students in the past and continues to thrive today under Mario Reyes.

The Cougar Investment Fund at WSU
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