The Cutting Edge: Best Hair Shears of 2023

Best Hair Shears

A pair of high-quality hair shears is as essential to a professional stylist as a paintbrush is to an artist. Not only do they allow stylists to shape and trim hair with precision, but they also contribute significantly to the overall experience a client has in the salon. The right pair of shears can create a seamless blend, a perfect fade, or a meticulous cut, while the wrong pair can lead to a less-than-desirable outcome. As we welcome 2023, let’s explore the best hair shears available on the market that can help elevate the art of hairdressing.

Selecting the perfect hair shears involves a delicate balance of several factors, all of which contribute to the ultimate cutting experience. The materials used in manufacturing, the design of the blade, the comfort and ease of use, durability, and, of course, the price point, all play crucial roles. Our search for the best hair shears of 2023 has taken all of these into account, meticulously weighing the pros and cons of each product.

Just as there is no one-size-fits-all hairstyle, there is also no universal “best” pair of hair shears. Some stylists may prefer lightweight shears with an ergonomic design to ease the strain on their hands during long hours in the salon, while others may prioritize the hardness and sharpness of the blade for precise, clean cuts. What’s more, certain shears may be better suited for different hair types and cutting techniques, making the selection process even more nuanced.

Our list of the top hair shears of 2023 presents an unbiased, expert review of each product, offering insights from a stylist’s perspective. Whether you’re a seasoned stylist looking to upgrade your toolkit or a budding professional on the hunt for your first pair of quality shears, this guide aims to make the process a little less daunting. Let’s delve into the artistry behind these hair shears and discover which pair could be your next best tool.

Saki Shears Grand Master – A Master’s Choice

With a price tag of $209.99, the Saki Shears Grand Master is a worthy investment for the serious stylist. Crafted from VG10 stainless steel – renowned for its hardness, durability, and resistance to rust – these shears are engineered to perform consistently over time, ensuring clean, precise cuts. The hardness rating of 61-62 HRC is an indicator of the blade’s resilience and sharpness, giving the stylist the confidence needed for all types of cuts. Moreover, the sword blade with a convex edge is a notable feature designed to handle rigorous hair cutting sessions effortlessly.

Being handmade gives these shears an edge in terms of craftsmanship and quality control. The elegant design, with a mirror finish, not only adds an aesthetic touch but also lends the tool a balanced weight and comfortable grip. The size of 6 inches is versatile and can be used for a wide range of hair lengths and styles. Additionally, Saki Shears offers a lifetime warranty on the Grand Master, reflecting their confidence in the product’s durability and their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Saki Shears Grand Master

Saki Shears Ha 6 Inch Set – Versatility at its Best

Priced at $210, the Saki Shears Ha 6 Inch Set offers excellent value, providing a pair of hair cutting scissors, thinning shears, a swivel razor, and a leather case. Like its Grand Master sibling, these shears are made of premium Japanese steel, ensuring durability and sharpness. The deep offset handle and finger rests, along with the ergonomic design, aim to minimize strain and maximize control, making it suitable for stylists who work for extended periods.

The locking tension control is a convenient feature that allows for customization depending on the type of hair and the desired effect. With a permanent finger rest and a screw-in bumper, these shears offer a blend of comfort and precision, underpinned by the assurance of a lifetime warranty.

Saki Shears Precision – The High-End Performer

The Saki Shears Precision, retailing at $245, are a standout addition to the professional stylist’s toolkit. The highlight of these shears is their material – the Japanese ZA-18 Stainless Steel, which is considered a superior alternative to VG10 steel due to its additional carbon, molybdenum, and cobalt content. This particular blend of elements imparts greater hardness (with a 61-63 HRC rating), increased corrosion resistance, and prolonged durability.

Being handcrafted enhances the uniqueness of the Precision shears, ensuring each pair receives the meticulous attention to detail that a high-grade tool deserves. The 6.7-inch size of the shears allows for a wider range of cuts and styles, enhancing their appeal for diverse hair cutting needs. With a lifetime warranty backing them, the Saki Shears Precision can be considered a high-end investment that delivers superior performance.

Scissors Tech Series Red – The Affordable Precision Tool

At $90, the Scissors Tech Series Red offers a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality. These shears are crafted from 440C steel, known for its excellent hardness (59-60 HRC) and good corrosion resistance, delivering a reliable performance for both barbers and hairstylists. The polished steel color and 5.5-inch size make these shears a versatile tool suitable for a range of hair cutting techniques.

The unique convex cutting edge ensures precise, smooth cuts, while the offset handle design offers a comfortable grip and improved control. In essence, the Scissors Tech Series Red can be an excellent choice for those seeking quality and affordability in one package.

Shihan Shears Sensei – The Master’s Choice

Next in our list is the Shihan Shears Sensei, priced at $245. These shears are crafted with the Japanese ZA-18 Super Premium steel, renowned for its extraordinary strength and durability. This top-tier steel coupled with a hardness rating of 61-63 HRC, ensures these shears are a long-lasting tool designed to perform with precision over extended use.

The thumb adjustment ball bearings on the tension screw are a noteworthy feature, allowing for a customizable cutting experience. The right-handed design and the 5.5-inch size ensure comfortable handling. With a lifetime warranty backing them, the Sensei shears are an embodiment of Shihan’s commitment to quality, making them a worthy investment for the master level barber or stylist.

Hanzo Shears Mamba

Hanzo Shears Mamba – Versatility Meets Elegance

The Hanzo Shears Mamba, retailing at a premium $842, is a testament to the brand’s commitment to merging innovation with aesthetics. What sets this shear apart is its unique hybrid design crafted with high-carbon dry cutting steel, making it equally adept at both wet and dry cutting.

The comfort-enhancing features, such as the slight offset and minor rounded thumb design, combined with the wide variety of sizes starting from 4.5 inches to 6.5 inches, make the Mamba versatile and adaptable to diverse styling needs. In addition, the Mamba is also available in a left-handed configuration, catering to the often-overlooked segment of left-handed professionals. Hanzo’s commitment to inclusivity, versatility, and innovative design are commendable and make the Mamba worth its premium price tag.

Hanzo Kime Swivel – The Swivel Enthusiast’s Delight

The Hattori Hanzo HH6S Kime Swivel, priced at a premium $1336, is designed for stylists and barbers who swear by the swivel. This high-carbon shear stands out for its exceptional dry-cutting properties and is one of the most versatile shears in Hanzo’s product line. With an edge designed to facilitate techniques like channel cutting and slide cutting, the Kime Swivel ensures a smooth, tear-free experience that other shears might struggle to provide.

The swivel thumb offers unparalleled control and comfort, further enhancing its appeal. Though priced on the higher end, the HH6S Kime Swivel delivers on its promise of precision, comfort, and durability, justifying its cost for those willing to invest in their tools.

Mizutani Scissors Matelite-Q – The Comfort Connoisseur’s Choice

The Mizutani Scissors Matelite-Q, available at $750, prioritizes comfort without compromising on performance. With its edges rounded out for a smoother feel to the palm, this might be the most comfortable pair of scissors you’ll ever hold.

Mizutani’s Matelite-Q is equipped with a traditional dial tension adjustment and Black-Smith all-around blade, ensuring it doesn’t fall short in terms of functionality. While the price might seem steep, the comfort and control this pair of scissors offers make it a worthy investment, particularly for professionals spending long hours at their craft.

Shark Fin Shears Monarch – Lightweight with a Smooth Touch

Priced at $850, the Shark Fin Shears Monarch is a high-end option perfect for professionals who value handcrafted tools. Made by craftsmen trained in Japan, these shears use only the finest HITACHI/AICHI/YAMAMURA ATS-314 Japanese steel, guaranteeing razor-sharp convex edges. These shears have the added benefit of being 30% lighter than conventional shears, making them ideal for stylists who value a light touch or suffer from hand fatigue.

In addition to the impressive craftsmanship, the Monarch boasts a ball-bearing system in the pivot area and a swivel thumb for effortless movement. Nylon glide strips on the blades add an additional silky smooth feel. With a Rockwell hardness of 62-63, this product promises durability alongside quality.

Shark Fin Shears Professional Plus – The Reliable Performer

The Shark Fin Shears Professional Plus is a solid choice at a more accessible price point of $399. Made with 440-A steel from the HITACHI/AICHI factory in Japan, these shears promise sharp convex edges perfect for various haircutting techniques, including slide and point cutting.

The shears are designed to provide smooth, effortless cuts and are incredibly durable, with a Rockwell hardness of 57-58. For the price point, the Professional Plus offers high-quality performance, making it an excellent investment for both emerging and established professionals in the hairstyling industry.

Our Top Recommendations

Navigating through the vast array of hair shears available on the market can be an overwhelming task. The key is to consider your individual needs, cutting style, comfort, and budget while making your choice.

Although the market is full of viable options, our analysis indicates two standout shears that offer excellent value for their price: the Saki Shears Grand Master and the Shihan Shears Sensei.

The Saki Shears Grand Master, crafted from the finest VG10 Japanese stainless steel, is an investment worth considering. With its robust sword blade and convex edge, this model delivers top-notch durability and precision, justifying its price tag. Its design is geared towards hairstylists who require reliable shears for long hours of hair cutting, a testament to its sturdiness and comfort.

On the other hand, the Shihan Shears Sensei, fashioned from superior Japanese ZA-18 Super Premium steel, is a marvel of craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. The Sensei is renowned for its strength, precision, and customizability, making it a favorite among seasoned stylists and barbers.

While high-end Japanese steel shears like the Hanzo Kime Swivel or the Mizutani Scissors Matelite-Q offer exceptional performance and quality, their higher prices may not fit everyone’s budget. Similarly, while more budget-friendly options like the Scissors Tech Series Red or the Shark Fin Shears Professional Plus offer good performance, they may not offer the same level of durability and precision as the Saki Grand Master or the Shihan Sensei.

Ultimately, the best shears are the ones that cater to your specific needs, fit comfortably in your hand, and provide precise and consistent results. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a beginner, investing in the right tools will undeniably enhance your cutting experience and the satisfaction of your clients. In our opinion, for the price and quality, the Saki Shears Grand Master and the Shihan Shears Sensei lead the pack in 2023. Happy styling!

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The Cutting Edge: Best Hair Shears of 2023
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