The Dallas Cowboys 1984 Football Team

In the first nine seasons of the franchise, the Dallas Cowboys made the playoffs nine times. They’ve made the playoffs 17 times in 18 years, but the 1984 team couldn’t make the postseason against the league’s best. The quarterback controversy was a major problem. Since 1981, Danny White, who had replaced Roger Staubach, had been the starter. White was productive, but mistake-prone. The team wanted to go with Gary Hogeboom, but White started six games.

The next two weeks would be critical to the season’s success. The Cowboys finished third, one game behind Redskins and Giants. The Cowboys finished in third place in the NFC East at 6-6, tied with the Cardinals and Redskins. The wild-card picture featured the Saints, Cardinals, and Rams, while the 49ers, Bears, and Bears were chasing division title.

The 1984 season ended in a loss to the Bills at Rich Stadium, the first time the team lost to the Bills in four meetings before the 1971 season. The Cowboys and Bills did not meet again until Super Bowl XXVII. The Cowboys’ 1984 season theme was ‘Silver Season.’ They sold their franchise to Harvey Roberts Bright and his 11-member limited partnership on March 19th and the deal was finalized on May 18th.

The Cowboys were at 4-3 when they faced the New Orleans Saints in their first Monday night match. The Saints were a good team and were a home favorite. They fell behind in the first quarter, and were down 27-6 at halftime. White finished the game at 11/18 for 107 yards with two touchdowns after the interception. The Cowboys ended up losing the game by a score of 28-21.

After an initial touchdown, the Saints had two possessions of the ball. The Cowboys took a different turn in the second quarter. They had the ball twice back, but couldn’t get it into scoring position. A Septien field goal made the score 27-26. But it wasn’t enough for the Cowboys, who managed to score only a single touchdown. The game ended in a tie.

1984 was the Cowboys’ 25th season of the National Football League. They finished the season with nine victories and seven losses. The Cowboys missed out on the playoffs for more than a decade. The Cowboys finished 3-5 in the NFC East, equal with the New York Giants and St. Louis Cardinals. Despite the disappointing season, the team’s 25th season was a memorable one for the franchise.

The offensive line was decimated by injuries. The Cowboys were limited to one starter in the game that was land-based. Although the Cowboys had several productive running backs, the offensive line struggled to open up the defense and move the ball. The defensive line, led by Randy White, kept the team in the game. The offensive line was led by Gary Hogeboom. The Cowboys won two of their last five games with the new quarterback. The team finished 9-5 but tied for the division lead against the Bills.

The Dallas Cowboys 1984 Football Team
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