The etching fortune

Hip hop duo. The hip-hop duo was founded in Berlin, Germany. The etching fortune is estimated at around 1 million euros.

Members: Manny Marc, gynecologist.
Nationality: German
His career began: 2008
Cooperation with: Jürgen Drews, NENA, Jimmy Pop, MC Bogy.

What is the net worth of Die Atzen?
Die Atzen’s assets are currently at € 1 million.

Record labels: Kontor Records, Hirntot Records, Atzen Musik, + Mas Label / Empo.
Music genres: Rap, hip-hop, dance.
Debut studio album: Etching Music Vol. 1 (2008).
Awards: Bravo Otto in the super band category, Bravo Otto in the super rappers category

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The etching fortune

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