The Ja Morant Home in Memphis


If you are a basketball fan, you have probably heard of the Ja Morant home in Memphis. Murray State’s star guard has been one of the Grizzlies’ most valuable players. His outstanding play has helped the Grizzlies go from a bottom-feeding team into a potential playoff contender. Morant, however, didn’t start as a superstar. Instead, he came from humble beginnings and made a name for himself at a young age.


Ja Morant has a large house in the Memphis area. Tee, his father, is his partner. Tee played high school basketball in Dalzell. His father was so good that he was recruited to play overseas but decided to give up the dream when his wife was pregnant. Morant’s parents, Jamie and Tee, raised Ja in Dalzell and trained in the backyard with his dad, where he learned how to take step-back jump shots.


KK Dixon, Ja Morant’s girlfriend, was born on 10 August 1999. She is currently his mother. The two met while playing college basketball and have been dating for about a year. KK Dixon is the mother of Ja’s daughter, Kaari. Ja and KK Dixon arrived in Memphis in 2009 as Morant was a freshman. During his sophomore year, Morant’s game against Brescia was the highest-scoring game in the school’s history. His team’s success caught the attention of NBA officials and scouts.

Teenage life

As a teenager, Ja Morant was an underrated prospect. He was not ranked by the major recruiting agencies. It was a surprise when he stumbled upon an assistant at a camp and fell in love with the university’s community. Even as a college freshman, Morant has already become one of the most exciting players in the league. With time, his skills will only improve. The Memphis Grizzlies are proud of their star.

Strong character 

Ja Morant is a creative, original individual who dares to break the mould. Ja Morant is flexible and adaptable. She can fit into almost any social setting. But as a career, she must focus on honing her unique strengths and be assertive. You can order a few items to add your personality to Ja Morant’s home if you are interested. You won’t regret buying the items.

Morant was selected by the Grizzlies as the No. Morant was the No. 2 pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. The team was also favoured by NBA scouts due to his impressive athleticism and basketball talent. Despite the unexpected high draft choice, Morant played a four-year college basketball career at the University of South Carolina. He was a three-time MVP of the region. The Memphis Grizzlies named Morant their second overall pick.

Net worth 

Ja Morant’s net worth has been estimated at $80million by 2022. The basketball star makes most of his money as a brand ambassador for numerous popular brands. In his second NBA season, he earned $9,603,360. He lives in a luxurious house in Memphis and makes frequent trips to South Carolina. Ja Morant also owns a luxury villa in Dalzell (South Carolina) that he purchased for $14 million.

Morant’s home 

According to a report from the Memphis Business Journal, Mountain Brook Cove Land Trust, a company associated with Morant, has acquired the sprawling 13,000-square-foot estate for $3.05 million.

It is interesting to note that the 2008-built house was previously owned by the late Lorenzen Wright, Monta Ellis, a former NBA player, and Kyle Anderson, a former Memphis Grizzlies player.

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The Ja Morant Home in Memphis
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