The Lemon Spotted Dalmatian

The lemon spotted Dalmatian is an unusual looking breed. The yellow spots on its coat resemble the color of lemons or oranges. The spots can increase in intensity and are smaller than those on the black-spotted Dalmatian. Although it differs from the orange dalmatian in appearance, the lemon dalmatian is still a standard Dalmatian. A lemon spotted Dalmatian has a dark nose, but it is otherwise quite similar to the standard Dalmatian.

The Lemon spotted Dalmatian needs special diet. A high-quality dry dog food should be fed to it twice a day. You can also give your pet wet or raw food if it prefers. Always remember that the amount of food recommended for your pet depends on its age and size. Besides giving your dog a high-quality food, you should also take the time to give him a daily walk. The daily walk will help your dog stay fit and healthy.

Lemon spots are caused by a mutation in the ticked coat gene. Although the appearance of lemon spots on a Dalmatian does not affect its personality, it should be noted that they are a rare mutation. The dominant color of the coat is black, while white has a recessive gene for brown spots. Although these spots do not carry the black color, they are still very noticeable. However, lemon spots have a more distinctive coat than a black or liver-factored Dalmatian.

A yellow dalmatian’s color is caused by the presence of a gene called MC1R. This gene is found on canine chromosome 5, which controls the production of the black pigment eumelanin in melanocytes. A dominant MC1R gene will allow normal production of eumelanin. A recessive MC1R gene will result in a lemon spotted Dalmatian.

A lemon spotted dalmatian is an ideal companion dog for active people. It is a playful and affectionate breed that will quickly become attached to its owners. The lemon dalmatian is naturally protective of its family, but can be wary of strangers or intruders. But the dog is not a dog to be confined to a house because of its high activity level.

If you are in the market for a lemon spotted Dalmatian, you can purchase a puppy from a breeder who breeds ordinary Dalmatians. The AKC Marketplace contains a list of reputable breeders who produce healthy, happy puppies. However, do not purchase a lemon spotted dalmatian from an unknown breeder. A reputable breeder will screen their puppies for hereditary diseases before offering them for adoption.

Because they are a rare breed, you will need to look for a pet at a reputable breeder. A Lemon Dalmatian will cost you between $1,000 and $3,000.

The Lemon Spotted Dalmatian
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