The Most Likely 2012 Bills Roster

the most likely 2012 bills roster 30723

The Buffalo Bills enter training camp with about 90 athletes. They look like NFL players, not only are they athletic but also physically fit. Chan Gailey and his staff will have a difficult time cutting down the roster to 53 players. Here’s a look at the likely 2012 Bills roster. Continue reading to learn more about who will be on the team. There are also a few new faces on the roster. We’ll look at their backgrounds, skills, and expected contributions in 2012.

Although the offensive line is a concern, the Bills have addressed their defensive issues. They signed Williams to a $100m contract and selected cornerback No. 1 in the draft. The Bills also retained their core offensive players and spent freely on free agents. The Bills’ only weaknesses are at wide receiver depth, and left tackle. Rookie picks in these positions are also a concern. Although the Bills have a strong running game, there are still questions about the offensive line.

A look at the Buffalo Bills’ depth chart reveals a fairly balanced team, with many talented young players. Although there aren’t any superstars on the team they are still better than the average team. A team can’t make the playoffs for 12 consecutive seasons, but it can’t be a disaster if it tries hard enough. The Bills’ 2012 depth chart could be a good place for you to start your 2012 season.

The Most Likely 2012 Bills Roster
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