The Natural Born Killer Strain

the natural born killer strain 45881

The Natural Born Killer or NBK is a potent hybrid strain that was created through a cross between True OG and Pestilence. It is a fast-acting indica strain that offers potent effects and an euphoric, blissful high. This strain may cause a feeling of relaxation and well-being, while also stimulating the appetite and helping to reduce pain. Its main drawbacks are its high potency and the tendency to induce anxiety.

This Indica variety has a woody, earthy aroma and subtle clove flavor. Its cone-shaped buds have orange hairs. Its indica heritage is apparent in its aroma, and it offers a moderate level of sedation. Those who suffer from stress, mood swings, insomnia, and pain should consider trying this strain. Generally, it is best used for sleep. However, the natural born killer has a strong indica heritage.

The Natural Born Killer Strain
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