The New World of Warcraft Topaz Gypsum Potion

The Topaz Gypsum potion is a special potion that lasts one hour and can be crafted on a Tier 5 camp once every 22 hours. It has a one to three minute cooldown and a limit of eighteen hours. To craft a Topaz Gypsum potion, you must craft 10 of its predecessors.

The Topaz Gypsum Attunement Potion is a consumable item that attunes you to the Topaz Gypsum substance found in level 55 enemies. This potion has a twenty-four-hour cooldown. It is only available in the Tier 5 Camp. To use this Potion, you must be level 55 or higher to receive Topaz Gypsum drops.

In the game, you can obtain Gypsum orbs through various activities. Once you have collected enough Gypsum, you can craft Gypsum Casts and Orbs. These items will increase your gear’s Expertise as well as your gear score. However, you must be careful because this item can drop only during major events, including the Winter Convergence Festival.

Gypsum shards are needed for all recipes. Each recipe requires a specific amount of these shards. They can be obtained through certain types of activities. You can also get Gypsum shards from killing certain Named Mobs. However, the Gypsum shards have an internal cooldown of 10-13 minutes.

Using Gypsum is a good way to improve your gear and boost your expertise. While it might not be a high-level item, it will improve the stats of other items. It increases your Expertise in a slot and is a good option for crafting new gear. You must be careful when crafting the potion as there are limitations on how many gypsum orbs that you can make in a day.

The New World of Warcraft Topaz Gypsum Potion
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