The Packers Make Two Notable Picks in the 2015 NFL Draft

the packers make two notable picks in the 2015 nfl draft 29012

Two notable picks were made by the Packers in the 2015 NFL Draft. Jake Ryan, a pass rusher who was a dominant force in the Vikings’ offense, is the first. He will not see much action offensively, but he should eventually push Clay Matthews outside. Brett Hundley, an ex-Oklahoma quarterback and a skilled inside linebacker, is the second pick. Both of these players may end up moving to the outside, depending on their respective roles.

Their development over the next few years will determine the Packers’ draft class. Randall and Rollins will require time to adapt to the game, while Montgomery is expected to be a work in progress. Edgar Bennett will have the task of integrating both these players into the offense. Fortunately, the Packers made a smart choice. It should make the team feel confident in its upcoming draft class.

The Packers drafted eight players in the 2015 NFL draft. Of those eight players, none made it to the end of their rookie contracts. The Packers were the only NFL team to lose at least two draft picks over a minimum of four seasons. Redrafting would have the Packers selecting the best players possible. The Green Bay Packers could have improved their chances of winning Super Bowl this year.

The Packers Make Two Notable Picks in the 2015 NFL Draft
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