The Patriots 2013 Schedule

If you are looking for the New England Patriots 2013 schedule, then look no further. The league’s top teams will be featured in the upcoming season, including the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens. The Patriots will also face Houston and Denver in the NFC South. The schedule also includes five games against teams that reached the postseason last year. So if you want to be a part of the Patriots’ championship run, here’s what to expect.

The New England Patriots will begin the season with a challenging schedule. They have four games against playoff teams last year and one against top-seeded Atlanta Falcons (NFC). The AFC East has gotten much weaker in recent weeks, however, as Buffalo and Miami have both lost key players. The Patriots’ non-division games should prove to be tough tests. This is the best schedule New England has played in recent years, according to Football Reference.

The Patriots will face the Broncos in their first game of the season. This is against a team that they lost to last season. Although the Broncos are a solid defensive team, their offensive line has been criticised in the past. The Patriots haven’t faced them in the regular season since 2002. The upcoming schedule features a game between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. This game should be exciting.

Despite their impressive record, New England Patriots finished regular season with a disappointing point differential of -106. That’s a lot of pressure, but the team finished 12-4 this year and was the No. The AFC’s 2nd seed. They received a first-round playoff bye for the fourth consecutive season and the Dallas Cowboys for four years. The Patriots lost the AFC Championship game in overtime to the Denver Broncos.

In Week Two, the Patriots had to deal with their division rivals the Jets. They were unable to score in the game against the Jets because of poor weather and a lack of offensive production. The Patriots’ offense was not very good and their defense was sacked a lot. The Pats’ offense had to play a better game despite a poor start. However, the Patriots were able to hold off the Jets.

The game against the Buccaneers was a prime example of what can happen when teams do not play as they should. The Patriots had a great defense and struggled with offense in the first half, but they showed their force on defense. They put on a strong performance at the red zone in the second half, allowing LeGarrette Blount run for 73 yards. The Buccaneers attempted a field goal at the end of game, but their field goals kicker missed it.

The 2013 Patriots schedule includes a few tough games that could put Brady’s endurance to the test. The Patriots will face Houston, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Houston, Denver and Cincinnati in the AFC. Drew Brees holds the NFL record for consecutive TD passes. The Patriots will face Drew Brees in Week 6. The Patriots are also in AFC playoff contention this season with three of the remaining five games against playoff teams.

The Patriots 2013 Schedule
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