The Pharaohs Car Club

The Pharaohs car club was established in 1982 by a group of automotive enthusiasts living in the Greater Spokane. The group’s president is Richie “Russo” Russolello, who says they are dedicated to building high-quality, beautiful cars. The group’s motto reads “We love the American automobile, but we love our members.” It is the ultimate club of car enthusiasts. Their mission is to bring fun and friendship to fellow auto enthusiasts.

The Pharaohs car club originated in 1957 and is still active today. The club’s name is a tribute to the iconic film American Graffiti. It starred Richard Dreyfusss, Ron Howard and Mackenzie Phillips. George Lucas directed and wrote the movie, which was inspired by his Modesto teenage years. The movie’s Pharaohs car club is named after Joe, the character who plays Joe the Pharaoh.

The Pharaohs are a border-crossing car club with members from all walks of life. The organization began as a small group of high school students and recent graduates who wanted to create an atmosphere of fellowship among members and a common interest in classic cars. The group was founded by five men and has become one of the largest car clubs in the U.S. Its members have rallied together to support local charities, participate in car washes, and participate in musical productions and charity events.

Five members of the Pharaohs car club were interested in the preservation of American classic cars’ history. It was founded in 1997. The original name was a pun on 1960s gangs. However, it has grown to become a worldwide phenomenon. They are a unique club with a long history of involvement in car shows. The name is still in use today. Consider the benefits of joining a Pharaohs club car club. The name is a fun and unique way to find like-minded people.

The Pharaohs are an international car club. Although the name is spelled incorrectly on their jackets, they are a great way to find people with similar tastes. The Pharaohs are an excellent way to celebrate classic cars, especially if your passion is vintage car cruising. The Pharaohs also hold a variety of events and activities.

The name of the Pharaohs Car Club was a strange choice for a 1957 car club. The name was unique, but it didn’t really fit the members. In fact, the Pharaohs’ logo was designed to be a “flagship” for their members. The club is one of the oldest in the country and has hosted many events since its inception. Visit their website to learn more about the history and join a Pharaohs Car-club.

A group of high school seniors, and recent graduates, founded the Pharaohs car club in 1957. Its name was chosen to symbolize the group’s commitment to camaraderie, and to promote safety among its members. The name Pharaohs was an unusual name for a car club. It is not uncommon for a club to have a name with a deeper meaning for its members.

The name of the Pharaohs car club is unique in its origins. It was founded by five men in 1957. The namesake of the club was originally a fictional race horse, and they shared a common passion for sports cars. It is a unique name that was also a fitting choice for a Modesto car club. This name is a great way for members to meet and show off their vehicles.

The Pharaohs car club hosts car shows and other events. It is also a cross-border group of car enthusiasts. They are united by their love for cars and have fun in their local communities. They attend local events and car shows, which is why they’re so popular. Chicago has a chapter of The Pharaohs. They hold regular meetings and host an annual event.

The Pharaohs Car Club
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