The Quarterback With Most Interceptions May Be Overlooked

In an era when teams are focused on defense more than offense, the quarterback with the most interceptions may be overlooked. However, it is important to pay attention to a quarterback’s ability to prevent turnovers. This article will examine the five active quarterbacks who have the most career interceptions. The numbers speak for themselves. Below are the most recent NFL interceptions statistics. Check out Aaron Rodgers’ career statistics if you want to see the most interceptions.

Of course, Tom Brady has been a consistent star, but he’s never been a shoo-in for the top spot as a quarterback with most interceptions. His career totals are only 114 interceptions. He had eight in 2017 and five in 2018. However, despite his high passing volume and pinpoint accuracy, Tom Brady’s record should be considered a worthy contender for the number one spot. Eli Manning is the only active quarterback with more career interceptions, but he’s been on the decline for several seasons and has been known for making sloppy decisions with the football.

The quarterback with most interceptions has the highest passer rating among five-plus-interception games. The only other player with more than five interceptions is Jim Hardy, who had eight pick-sixes in a game during the 2010 NFL season. Matthew Stafford, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Peyton Manning, Sam Baugh, and Jim Hardy are the other active quarterbacks with seven or more interceptions. The number of quarterbacks with eight pick-sixes is second only to Bret Favre.

The Carolina Panthers’ Cam Newton was the first quarterback to record three interception games in a single game. The first interception came in the first quarter and was returned for a touchdown, while the other two came in the third and fourth quarters. The Buccaneers had been looking for a win all year, and the Denver Broncos were trying to build momentum from a 1-0 start. The Buccaneers were unable to score a touchdown and were defeated by the Denver Broncos, 13-16.

Lane, a former Los Angeles Rams quarterback, holds the NFL record for the most interception games with fourteen. His record remains unbroken, though it can be broken by an able quarterback. Despite Lane’s record-breaking season Lane is still the greatest quarterback of all time. While he may not have played as a quarterback as much as Lane did, he is the quarterback with the best touchdown-to-interception ratio.

While Bartkowski is not the best player of all time, he is a respected quarterback and he lasted 11 seasons with the Falcons. He was named to two Pro Bowls, and made two playoff appearances. Grogan also recorded three interceptions in a single game and recorded 20 in five seasons with the Patriots. And he did so despite being a rookie. The Redskins were at 3-1, while the Philadelphia Eagles were at 1-4.

The Quarterback With Most Interceptions May Be Overlooked
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