The Real Estate Market Around 36 Cooper Street in Brooklyn, New York

This article will discuss the real estate market surrounding 36 Cooper Street in Brooklyn. This neighborhood is known for its small apartment buildings, which are a rarity in the United States. A typical Cooper St property is just over 9,030 square feet. This neighborhood has more than half of the small apartment buildings in the United States, compared to 98.1% in other neighborhoods.

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Residents of 36 Cooper Street are mainly white. Contrary to this, residents of other NYC neighborhoods tend to be Latino/black. Those from Latin American descent are also more likely to own a home in the neighborhood, making it the perfect place to raise a family. Despite the low income, this area is safe and has low crime rates. While it is difficult to compare it to other neighborhoods in Brooklyn, this neighborhood is home to a diverse population.

This area has a 11.8% average vacancy rate, which is higher that the national average of 66.33%. The vacancy rate in Cooper St/Central Ave may reflect weak demand for residential real estate. While new construction in this neighborhood is not occupying many of its units, it can also be a factor. The neighborhood is small so most homes have large unoccupied spaces.

The Cooper St/Central Ave area is also notable for the commute length. It can drain your energy and time to commute to work. Many Cooper St/Central Ave residents commute 45 minutes to an hour and half to work. The Cooper St/Central Ave neighborhood is known for having a higher bicycle-ride rate than any other neighborhood in the U.S.

The Real Estate Market Around 36 Cooper Street in Brooklyn, New York
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