The Rookie Season 4 Guest Stars

“The Rookie” boasts a surprising cast with guests that range from Eric Winter and Melissa O’Neil to Raphael Sbarge to Jeff Pierre. Let’s take a look into each cast member and their roles in the show. They are all great, but it’s hard to imagine anyone else. Here are some of the most intriguing.

Raphael Sbarge

New characters were introduced in the episode 17 of Rookie season 4. One of the guest stars is Raphael Sbarge who plays Jonah Russell. Born in New York, Sbarge was active in the arts since a young age. He made his acting debut in 1983, and has since been in over 180 films and television shows. Raphael Sbarge is one of the few guest stars from the show that has been confirmed for the end.

Rookie season 4, episode 17 will be intense as usual. There will also be a backdoor pilot for a spin-off. This episode will air on April 3, 2022. Raphael Sbarge will be one of the guest stars. Raphael Sbarge will be one of the other guest stars. This episode is titled “Rookie End Game Raphael’s Story”; it features an emotional scene between two men.

Melissa O’Neil

The Rookie season four episode 19 is set to conclude a two-episode arc starring Niecy Nash as Simone Clarke. Episode 18 sets up a possible spinoff with Nash as the lead. The episode was directed by Liz Friedlander, and written by Terence Paul Winter. The episode will air at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Sunday April 24, 2022. This sci-fi drama also stars Nathan Fillion as John Nolan, Melissa O’Neil as Lucy Chen, and Eric Winter as Tim Bradford.

“The Rookie” is an ABC television series starring Nathan Fillion and Alyssa Diaz. John Nolan (Fillion), is the oldest rookie in LAPD. Nolan, who grew up in a small town and decided to become a cop to follow his dream, must navigate the dangerous world of “young” cops. Melissa O’Neil will join Fillion as Lucy, a rookie cop in the LAPD. Other cast members include Eric Winter and Afton Williamson.

The Rookie’s season three fall finale is set for Dec. 12. Nolan thought about ringing in 2012 with a ring. Wesley, however, tries to escape from Elijah’s grasp. Abigail also tried to set fire to her ex-boyfriend’s car so that she could get rid of him once for all. In season four, Nolan is able to get away with his murder.

The season finale of Rookie season 4 is called “End Game”; it is the eleventh episode in season 4. The episode also marks the sixty-fifth episode of the series overall. Melissa O’Neil guest stars in the season four finale. The season has been a huge success so far. It will continue on ABC at 10/9c Sundays. So what’s next for the Rookie?

Eric Winter

Eric Winter has a long list of roles in television comedies and dramas. He started his career as a model, and was featured in Britney’s perfume campaigns. He then appeared as a guest on Days of Our Lives. In addition to his role on “The Rookie,” he also starred in Lifetime’s hit series “Witches of East End.”

The Rookie is an ABC television drama series starring Nathan Fillion, Alyssa Diaz, Melissa O’Neil, Eric Winter, and Richard T. Jones. The series follows John Nolan, a middle-aged divorcée who decides to quit his construction company and pursue a new career as an officer in the police force. He graduates from Los Angeles Police Department and meets Detective Angela Lopez, Sergeant Wade Grey.

The premiere of season four of “The Rookie,” was January 29. The series’ return is a joy for fans. In this season, fans are left to wonder where Bailey and Nolan will be a year from now. However, fans are eager to find out. The show continues on Sundays at 10/9c on ABC. For more details, read our full review of season four of The Rookie.

Jeff Pierre

This week on The Rookie, recurring guest star Jeff Pierre has a new role. He plays a cop trying to make it in this game. Captain James leads his team to a drug bust, and is confronted by a mysterious dirty cop. Jeff Pierre is the one trying to protect his father. But August’s presence threatens his cover.

The episode shows the effects of a tornado that struck Austin. Walker and Micki, played respectively by Jeff Pierre, Violet Brinson, confront Clint about their relationship. Liam, played Jared Padalecki attempts to make amends. Bonham and Abeline go shopping for supplies. They discuss their relationship and their wedding plans during the episode. Liam is trapped in an elevator with Bret and makes a quick decision.

Walker investigates the bomb threat against Liam and Stan (guest actor Jeffrey Nordling) following the incident at the school. Meanwhile, Abeline (Molly Hagan), plans to renew her vows with Bonham (Mitch Pileggi). And, finally, Trey’s mother, Schelle Purcell, visits him. Richard Speight, Jr., directs the episode with Seamus Kevin Fahey and Anna Fricke writing the script.

Season two of “The Rookie” will conclude on Sunday, May 3, 2020 at 10:00pm ET/PT, with the rookies evaluating their readiness for the police force. The first part will be aired on May 3, at 10 p.m. ET/PT. The second part will air May 10, 2020. Jeff Pierre and Jonathan Slater will join Nathan Fillion’s John Nolan. Nyla Harper is played by AlyssaDiaz. Eric Winter and Lucy Chen are also guest performers.

The Rookie Season 4 Guest Stars
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