The Union Pacific Toy Train is Back for the Holidays

the union pacific toy train is back for the holidays 43971

The holiday season is fast approaching and if you haven’t yet seen the Union Pacific toy train, you are in for a treat. The railroad company has a new collection of model trains for children, and the Union Pacific Railroad Museum offers an interactive display that allows kids to operate the trains. These trains are N-scale, meaning that they’re much smaller than “H-O” model trains. According to curator Harvey Swanger, these trains are a great gift for children of all ages, as they’re not only beautiful to look at but are also great for kids to play with.

Union Pacific Railroad (or UPRR) is North America’s largest railroad. They market model trains, railroad memorabilia, and souvenirs through their company store. MTH also has entered the market for model train products, selling some of them with the UPRR trademark. However, the lawsuit filed by the UPRR has nothing to do with the toy trains themselves. The plaintiff, MTH, is the only other company in this space, and it has been in business for many years.

The Union Pacific Toy Train is Back for the Holidays
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