The Washington Wizards Roster 2012-13

It’s hard to know where to begin when assembling a Washington Wizards roster for the 2012-13 season. There are many young players who have a lot of potential, but lack upside. Bradley Beal and John Wall are both great players, but Booker will need to be developed more to realize his full potential. We’ll be looking at some other rookies on this Wizards’ roster.

Despite having two players on the opening night roster last season, the Wizards have changed their uniforms and their roster significantly over the past 10 months. Seven of the current roster’s players weren’t on last season’s opening night roster. Even with all of the roster changes, Wittman remains optimistic about the team’s first full season under his new coaching regime. Nevertheless, he’s avoiding getting ahead of himself.

Wittman’s Mack is a great fit for Wittman’s program. He’s learned how to handle the ball in a running offense at Tim Grgurich’s big man camp in Las Vegas. This could make him a better point guard and help the Wizards’ offense. But Mack’s future isn’t all rosy. In the near future, he’ll be the main point guard on the roster.

The Washington Wizards finished with 29 wins and 53 losses this past season. They finished third in the NBA’s Southeast Division, allowing an average of 7,852 points per game. John Wall scored 906 points, while Emeka Okekafor added 692 rebounds. The Wizards’ roster has a lot of talent, and it’s worth considering a team’s roster in 2012 to maximize the chances of a successful season.

Singleton has defensive potential, but his success in the NBA will depend on finding a role on the other end of the court. Singleton was a great defensive player, even though he had poor offensive skills. Singleton posted impressive numbers on blocks, steals, and charges drawn, but was unable to buy buckets. His shooting percentage from all areas of the floor was below the league average. If Singleton can improve his offensive skills, he may have a long career as a Wizard.

In addition to John Wall, the Washington Wizards also have Lemarvon Jackson, Leon Sewell, and Lonzo Ball. All three of those players were part of the Wizards’ slam-dunk champion training camp. The Wizards also have a number of rookie sensations this season. In addition to these rookies, the Wizards’ roster will also feature Roscoe “Sarge” Johnson, a former NBA head coach who had a 360-degree backboard slam that was filmed by ESPN. This dunk has been viewed more than 100 thousand times online.

The Washington Wizards Roster 2012-13
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