The Witcher III – The Final Quest – Help Anisse and Berthold Or Let Them Perish

After you finish The Witcher III, your choice is whether to help Anisse or Berthold or let them die. The choice will ultimately depend on how much you like their relationship, and how well you can save them from harm. You’ll be confronted with many enemies as you play the game. You’ll need to eliminate them all quickly. In some cases, using delusion may be enough to convince Berthold to let you go.

After you defeat the first Witch Hunter, you’ll be able to approach Triss. Before you speak to her, however, you must kill the ranged attacker before you can approach her. After the attack, she will lead you down the stairs and place you in a corner for a while. Eventually, she’ll come out and let you know that she’s a witch and that you’ve helped her.

If you decide to help Triss you will need to reach the Kingfisher Inn where the Witch Hunters are hiding. You’ll talk with a mage there, but you’ll need Axii to shift. To find mages, you can then go into the cellars and sewers. In either case, you’ll be greeted by a mage.

After you have met Triss, you will be asked if you would like to help Anisse or Berthold. You will decide if you will have a relationship with her. You will need to decide whether to help the mages. The decision will affect your entire quest, so choosing wisely is a good idea.

Once you’ve made the choice to help Berthold and Anisse, you’ll need to decide what to do next. You must find a path to get to Berthold’s lair. You can also use Witcher Sense to find the vampire, and you can use it to kill the rat. If you’re going to help Anisse, you’ll earn around 200 XP, but if you’re planning to abandon her, make sure to keep in mind that you can also help Anisse if you’re not comfortable with them.

Triss’ mages are on the verge of being killed by the landlords of her property. Geralt can intervene to calm Triss down. However, you can also wait for the guards out of the building by remaining silent. You can also kill two Temple Guards (level fourteen) and a Witch Hunter (level fifteen) outside the inn. You can’t help Berthold or Anisse unless they help you!

The sewage system is easy to navigate. The Aard can break down the wall blocking the path. If you can’t get through the wall, you can talk to Aard and go through the sewage system again. Although the second wall is more difficult to pass, you can still talk with Aard to defeat them. After that, you’ll come across a bunch of rats. You can also take Triss along and fight off a bunch of vampires.

The Witcher III – The Final Quest – Help Anisse and Berthold Or Let Them Perish
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