5 Tips for Hiring Professional Movers

Hiring Professional Movers

According to research, about 10% of Americans move houses every year. Moving is a major undertaking that can be significantly stressful and time-consuming, especially if you’re doing everything alone. For this reason, most people opt to hire professional movers to manage the packing and transportation of their belongings from their former home to the new one.

A professional moving company can help you simplify your moving process and the transition from your old house to your new one. In addition, they also offer other services such as disassembling and reassembling equipment, packing, unpacking, and storage.

While there’s no proven blueprint for hiring the best movers in town, understanding what you need to look at before hiring a professional mover will come in handy. It’ll help you save money, time, and avoid the risk of moving tragedies.

Below are five tips for hiring the best moving company for your upcoming move.

1. Check the Legitimacy of the Company

Scammers and thieves are finding new and elaborate ways to steal from unsuspecting people. So moving scams have become quite rampant in recent years. Some scammers pose as moving companies offering irresistible deals and discounts, only to disappear with all your belongings.

Before signing a contract with a moving company St George Utah, please take the necessary measures to ensure it’s legit. Start by visiting the moving company in person and examining their offices. Does their office seem temporary?

Have they correctly and clearly labeled their moving trucks? A temporary-looking office and wrongly labeled trucks could only mean one thing: it’s not a genuine business.

You should also check the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration SaferSys Website for the carrier license of the moving company. Type in the DOT number given to you by the company to confirm that everything’s correct.

For instance, the address generated by the SaferSys website should match that of the company’s. You should also confirm if the company you choose is authorized to conduct interstate relocations, especially if you need to move from one state to another.

If you’re looking for a reputable moving service, here is a local moving company that’ll ensure your moving process goes as smoothly as possible.

2. Read Your Contract Carefully

Every professional moving company will offer their clients a bill of lading. This is the legal agreement or contract between the moving company and the person who’s relocating. Before signing the contract, take a closer look at everything written in it to avoid future unwanted surprises.

Read the contract carefully and ensure you understand everything. Confirm that the stated terms are the ones you agreed upon with the moving company, including the moving fee. Some companies often negotiate a deal with you then use the contract to sneak in some terms that’ll ultimately benefit them.

Confirm that the following details are included in your contract:

  • Your name
  • Old and new addresses
  • Your contact information
  • Name and address of the moving company
  • The agreed moving fee
  • The agreed method of payment
  • Pickup time and date
  • Delivery time and date

Make sure all the above details are included in your contract before signing it. After signing the contract, remember to keep a copy of it with you at all times.

3. Ensure the Mover Knows What They Need to Move

When communicating with the moving company, try to keep most of your communication by email or text. Send an email to the company’s representative with a list of the things they’ll be shipping. This way, they’ll give you a correct estimate of the amount you’ll pay.

If you add any other items to the load you didn’t list in your initial email, the shipping cost becomes more. Remember to also inform your mover about any special conditions that could hinder the move. For instance, if your driveway is too small for a moving truck, inform the moving company.

If the moving truck is packed too far away from your home, the moving company may charge you an extra fee for the distance they’ll walk to carry your things to or from the house. Informing them about this will help you avoid conflict about pricing on your moving day, which makes your moving process easy.

4. Compare Different Prices

Before hiring professional movers, shop around for numerous companies. Remember also to make a price comparison based on your moving needs. Most professional movers often charge their clients based on the distance of the move, the number of items, and additional services, such as packing.

Consult up to four moving companies and find out how much they charge. You can also contact the consultant and have them visit your home in-person to see the things you’d be moving with. This way, you can have a correct estimate of the amount it’ll take to transport your belongings to your new home.

Remember to ask whether the price estimates the moving company sends you are nonbinding or binding. Also, get your estimates in writing instead of on a phone call.

5. Research More About the Moving Company

Before hiring any company, take your time to research more about it. Check their reviews online to confirm if they offer high-quality services. How do their past clients feel about them?

Are there any gaps in their services that you should be aware of? Have the past clients put out any warnings you should heed? Online reviews and client recommendations help you understand a company and the type of services they offer their clients.

Avoid companies with zero reviews online or those with more negative reviews than positive.

Are You Ready to Hire the Best Professional Movers?

Every year, there are millions of people across the U.S. who move from one house to another. Unfortunately, moving from one house to another is quite challenging and stressful. So it’s advisable to hire professional movers to assist with the process.

However, hiring legit movers isn’t an easy task. You’ll need to conduct a lot of research. Before signing any contract, make sure you’re dealing with a legit company and examine the contract’s content to avoid future surprises.

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5 Tips for Hiring Professional Movers

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