Tips for Safe Driving

Risks Of Playing Video Games While Driving

Operating a motor vehicle may seem like a mundane activity. After all, every day people drive to work, to school, and to run errands. Nothing to it, right? The truth is, auto accidents are common and cause injury, damage to property, and even death. Driving safely is paramount. Following these tips can help ensure that you arrive at your destination safely.

Replace Worn Tires

Replacing worn tires is vital to safety. When there is insufficient tread, tires lose grip, making it harder to stop and hold your place during a turn. When the tread on a tire is less than 2/32 of an inch deep, it’s time to replace it. In addition to replacing worn tires, if you drive carelessly, you may find yourself in need of a reckless driving lawyer.

Adjust Mirrors Properly

In addition to the rearview mirror, cars are equipped with two side view mirrors. Proper adjustment of these can help prevent accidents. Many collisions occur when there is a car in your blind spot. By taking the time to adjust your mirrors properly, you can get rid of the blind spot and be able to see all vehicles near you. If your car has a side view camera be sure to take advantage of it as well.

Don’t Text and Drive

Most people are aware that texting while driving is a bad idea, but many do it anyway. You may not realize how distracting it is. Studies show that looking at a single text can occupy your thoughts for up to 27 seconds. That’s a long time to not be paying attention while behind the wheel. Don’t do it. No message is worth the risk of an accident.


Cautious and defensive driving is the key to safety. Follow these tips and stay alert and aware at all times. It could save lives.

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Tips for Safe Driving

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