5 Tips to Make your Azure Cloud Engineer Resume Shine

Azure Cloud

Cloud computing has numerous advantages over the traditional use of onsite data centers and server rooms. Numerous companies are adopting cloud services for storing, managing, and transforming their data. It has become a strategic priority for many companies.

Numerous individuals are considering cloud computing a good career option. If you are one of them, then here are five tips to make your resume for azure engineer shine:

1. Choosing the right resume format

Outlining your work in a reverse chronology seems better. You start with your most recent work experience and work your way down the professional career path. It showcases your growth and your best-known current skills.

Another tip to follow here is if you have gaps or not the most relevant work experience. In such a scenario, choosing a functional resume format serves better. A functional resume format focuses on your skill-set rather than the chronology of different jobs held.

2. Highlighting essential information

This is true irrespective of whether applying for an Azure engineer role. A hiring manager merely skims through the various resumes received and decides in under 30 seconds to go ahead with the applicant. In order to make it to the next process, it is important that the most essential information is easily accessible throughout the resume. Highlighting information based on industry or the available job description could be some ways to know the most suitable information.

3. Choosing bullet-style format instead of long paragraphs

A bullet-style format is an efficient way of providing information in a succinct way. A resume is a document to market yourself. The motive for the applicant shall be to enable the hiring manager to read through the resume fully. In order to do that, it is best to provide information in bullet style rather than long paragraphs where the information is lost and takes up a lot of reading time.

4. Add certification details

Certifications convey to the hiring authority of the interest and seriousness of the candidate. It makes a candidate stand out from the crowd. Adding certifications gained from reliable sources that enhance industry-relevant skills increases the credibility of the candidate. It increases your chances of being shortlisted for the next round and makes your resume shine. You can also learn online cloud computing bootcamp from University of Minnesota.

5. Using profile-centric words

Due to the increase in the number of applicants, many companies across the world use Applicant Tracking System or ATS as the first step of screening candidates. In order to get through this automated system, one needs to use profile-centric words. These could be related to the job description mentioned that the candidate is applying for. It could also be based on industry-specific keywords. They could be technical skills or soft skills. Putting in efforts in finding out these keywords would be rewarding.

Key Takeaways:

These 5 tips would make your resume shine:

  • Choosing a reverse-chronology resume format or functional resume format depends on if you have relevant work experience or not.
  • Highlight essential information so that the hiring manager does not miss out on important information.
  • Using bullet-style format to convey information in a succinct manner.
  • Adding certifications from reliable sources that enhance your skills and are relevant to the job profile.
  • Using industry-centric and job description-specific keywords to get through the Applicant Tracking System.

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5 Tips to Make your Azure Cloud Engineer Resume Shine

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