4 Tools To Convert PDF To JPG Online

Convert PDF To JPG Online

Have you been working on a presentation, online magazines, or marketing? You must have experienced looking for tools like pdf to jpg converter online. There are fewer options and they are not mainly for free. Fast forward to 2021, and there are now online tools that can help you achieve your aim. Most of them are free but be mindful. Not all of them can deliver the results that you need. Having good conversion is crucial for satisfactory results. This aim applies to all kinds of online work, including web design. Below are the top 4 online converter tools to help you with your tasks:

1. PDFBear

Convert anything that your work requires. PDFBear will provide a better output than most of the other online converters out there. It is easy to work on, and it is easy to be your PDF to JPG converter online. PDFBear is also cloud-based, so the processing is independent of your computer. It is fast, and if you purchase the pro version, you will get customer care support. 

This is the best PDF converter to JPG online. You can also convert your files to other formats. The PDFBear pro version lets you store your converted files on the database for as long as you want. 

PDFBear has the regular version, which is suitable for converting any file. The pr version is for power users and those who are very keen on security. If security and reliability are essential matters to you, then you need the pro version. The regular version deletes your converted file after an hour. The PDF Bear pro version lets you store your files in the database for as long as you want. This is also a great backup idea. In cases where your computer might have issues, you can always have a copy of your documents in the cloud.

2. Kvisoft

If you are a loyal Windows 8 user, then Kvisoft will convert your PDF files to JPEG. Kvisoft also supports other image formats such as PNG, TIFF, GIF and BMP, and many more. There is no need to upgrade to use this tool. It also supports multiple conversion tasks at the same time. If you need a Windows converter tool, then this is one that you can use anytime. You only need a computer that runs Windows 8.

3. Boxsoft

Boxsoft is another Windows PDF to JPG converter. It is a lightweight Windows program that you can download for free. It can convert files to several image formats. It is also versatile and performs tasks efficiently. It is also easy to use. The interface is not complicated compared to other Windows programs. 

4. PDFMate

This is another program designed for Windows. It is fast and lightweight. It can also do multiple tasks at the same time. It performs the conversion process efficiently. You can also download this program via its official site. PDF Mate is an option that you can have if you want to convert files without the internet. 

How To Convert a PDF Image File To A High-Resolution JPG?

Converting your PDF to a high-resolution JPG is easy. You only need a converter program to do this. One good example is PDF Bear. This is an online tool that can change your PDF image file into JPG. This is one option to use if you are into web design since Websites only accept image files such as JPG, PNG, and a few equivalents. You can also convert PDF into JPG because the latter can be edited using Adobe and other image-enhancing programs. 

JPG extensions are also secured because any text converted to it can never be copied. So how do you convert the PDF files? The instructions are as follows:

  1. It would be best if you open your preferred browser. This browser can either be Chrome, Safari, or anything compatible and current. 
  2. You go to the official PDF Bear website. You will see the main page, which is also the site’s converter page.
  3. You will then drag or drop your PDF file to the converter tool. The tool will convert the file into its JPG counterpart in high resolution.
  4. Wait for the conversion to finish. Once done, you can download the file

As you can see, the PDF Bear procedure is straightforward and easy. You only need a browser, a computer, and a reliable internet connection. After this, you can use PDF Bear to convert files to other extensions. This makes your job easier.

In Conclusion

With all the competing tools out there, it is hard to choose. However, you need to select a converter tool that suits your needs. Many tools are available free, but they don’t give you the efficiency and reliability you need. It is best to be keen and also first check out Google for information. You will see how reliable that tool is based on reviews.

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4 Tools To Convert PDF To JPG Online

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