Top 10 Affordable Gemstones if You Are Just Getting Started

Affordable Gemstones

If you are just starting your journey with gemstones there are so many gems out there and So many beautiful gemstones can be set into jewelry. The Mohs hardness scale is used to determine whether gemstones are suitable for use in jewelry. Stones with a higher hardness rating are more likely to last through repeated use. A second consideration is light, as some gemstones are unaffected by sunlight while others gradually lose their brilliance. When designing jewelry, I keep all of these things in mind. Certain gemstones are more reasonably priced than others (this has nothing to do with whether the gemstone is considered semi-precious or precious). These days, it’s possible to recreate almost any gemstone by synthetic means. These synthetic stones are used in many low-priced fashion jewelry pieces. However, I only ever set jewelry with genuine stones. If you’re looking for a particular color or style but are on a budget, there’s probably a cheaper natural stone that will do the trick. A gem’s hue can be altered by means of dye or heat treatment for many varieties.

Below is a list of the top ten most inexpensive gemstones (when purchased in their natural state) that are commonly used in jewelry. However, there are always outliers; some “colors” may be more scarce and so cost more. Many of the stones on that list are favorites of mine to work with, and you can find some stunning jewelry made with them.



Amethyst, a member of the quartz family, is a widely available and highly sought-after gemstone. Its purple hues can run the gamut from pastel to deep. Lighter-colored stones are more common in fashion jewelry, whereas deeper violet and red-purple stones are typically reserved for exquisite jewelry.



Agate gemstones are available in a wide range of colors, and are both a type of chalcedony and a type of quartz. Bands in agate are always caused by impurities, no matter what color it is. Agates are frequently used as beads and cabochons, and they are also a favorite among tumbled stones. Agate bracelets are currently in fashion and can be paired with simple gold chains as well.  



Notice a pattern here? Citrine is related to quartz. Rarely found in nature, citrine is created when amethyst is heated, causing a chemical transformation that results in a yellow-orange hue. A citrine can be any shade of orange, from pale yellow to bright red. Because of its low cost per carat, diamonds are frequently used in jewelry.



Typically, we associate garnet with its traditional red hue, however, this gemstone can also be found in other tones. Garnets go into either the aluminum or the calcium category. Garnets made from aluminum have a red color, whereas those made from calcium are green. For over 5,000 years, garnets have been prized for their beauty and utilized in jewelry.



Hematite, which may be mined for its iron content, is a common resource. Hematite is a silvery-black gemstone despite being mined all over the world for its iron content. Magnetic hematite stones are often sold, although many of them are fake and designed to look real.



Onyx, a kind of chalcedony (which, surprise!, is a member of the quartz mineral family), is mined in a wide variety of locations around the globe. Due to its versatility, onyx has also gained in popularity. Despite its popularity in its natural black condition, onyx of different colors is also a beautiful addition to jewelry.



Peridot is a mineral that forms when lava cools and crystallizes, and it is a member of the olivine family. Since ancient times, when it was viewed as a gem of the sun by the Egyptians, it has also been utilized in jewelry. The color is typically yellow-green, but it can also have hints of brown.



Rose quartz is another well-known and widely-loved gemstone. Quartz of the pink variety; it is a transparent gemstone. Beads and cabochons are common forms in which you can get this abundant and cheap gemstone. Rose quartz sometimes contains inclusions that look like tiny white or pale veins.



Topaz is my go-to gemstone since it’s beautiful, versatile, and affordable. It is the hardest silicate mineral, making it suitable for usage in jewelry due to its resistance to scratching. Topaz occurs most frequently in colorless (“white”), pale yellow, and brown, however blue is particularly popular because it is the December birthstone. This gemstone is popular amongst the teens and is widely available in a necklace shop.



Zircon’s widespread distribution makes it easy to find. However, zircon crystals are typically so little that they go unnoticed. Zircon is a popular alternative to diamonds or tanzanite rings ; nevertheless, it should not be mistaken for cubic zirconia, which is man-made. Though typically colorless, brown, yellow, or red, zircon can be found in other hues when unearthed.


Do you have a favorite? Topaz is mined due to its attractive color range, low price, and high hardness and resistance to scratching, making it a popular gemstone. This is where you can view my topaz artwork.

Top 10 Affordable Gemstones if You Are Just Getting Started

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