Top 3 AI Tools to Build Smart Home Office in 2023

Top 3 AI Tools to Build Smart Home Office in 2023

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses had to facilitate people who were forced to work from home. The globe has been conducting the largest remote working experiment in history for the past two years, and it appears that many people want this to become the new normal. However, low and limited productivity has become the major problem for those who work from home because home offices are full of distractions and distance hinders their communication with colleagues. Hence a good high-tech tool can make the half work with double results. Here are some of the best high-tech tools for employees to use in remote work.

iFLYTEK is well-known for pioneering research and development (R&D) as well as its game-changing A.I. commercial products. All of its artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, ranging from education, healthcare, lifestyle to workstyle, all bring about benefit to their users.

iFLYTEK AI Keyboard & Mouse are well-designed AI office devices which are known for three features: voice typing, voice translation and voice control. 66 kinds of languages can be recognized for speech input, with the accuracy of 98%. For several years, iFLYTEK has strived to raise the accuracy of its voice recognition system to the present 98%. The Chinese voice recognition unicorn used natural language interaction to resolve difficult issues including homonyms and incorrect words. It can input words as quickly as a human can talk, in other words. Try it and enjoy naturally speaking mp3 to text.

They also support real-time translation from Chinese to other 73 foreign languages, fitting for different scenarios such as commerce, international trade, study abroad and learning. The keyboard and mouse can serve as the voice terminals of user-computer interactions in addition to their general functionality. They support voice search and computer-on apps to meet users’ business and leisure needs, minimizing the need to find, click, select, and avoid other laborious actions. These three functions could enable users to get more done in less time. Voice, handwriting, and keyboard input are all supported by iFLYTEK. Start writing if you want to write; press the keyboard if you want to type; and tap the speaker icon if you want to talk.

The built-in iFLYTEK input engine has the functions of OCR recognition, buzzword identification, voice reading, and audio transcription. With just one button, it is possible to switch between input, translation, search, and other features with ease. Moreover, voice input doesn’t require prolonged button pressing. With just one click, these functions could be activated and switched. The devices could recognize user’s voice offline, so voice recognition could be used anywhere. It is also available to switch between two devices offline. There is no need to worry about Wi-Fi wherever you go.

  • Phantombusters

Phantombusters is a data extraction tool designed to aid sales and marketing teams in gathering data from diverse platforms in enterprises of all sizes. Through the use of more than 100 ready-made automation tools, Phantombuster enables you to create leads from all major networks and websites. For example, you can use the tool to connect automatically to a list of LinkedIn profiles, obtain email addresses from a Sales Navigator search, tweet with a personalized message, gather contact information from a Google Maps search and extract the Instagram account’s followers. You can choose either “Phantoms” or “Flows” as automation types. Phantombuster performs automated tasks on your behalf, and thanks to its user-friendly dashboard, you can set it up quickly.

  • Motion

Motion, a calendar tool powered by artificial intelligence, can keep track of appointments, tasks, and meetings and can assist users in efficient planning of their days based on calendar of meetings, task duration, and deadlines. For those who work from home, when you can’t finish your job in time, Motion can help reschedule undone work and automatically prioritize your work to ensure you meet deadlines and forget nothing. With a clean and well-organized interface, Motion presents everything in one place, including the functions of calenders, to-do lists and spreadsheets. As a good helper of your work, Motion also enables you to enjoy your life with no work interrupting the personal time during the weekend.

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence has much more potential uses than we can possibly imagine. The greatest AI solutions are able to handle unfathomably large volumes of data, provide thorough analysis, priceless insights, and actionable predictions. They can also make the best use of your data by monitoring and spotting patterns with ever-increasing speed and accuracy, which could significantly improve your work efficiency. Therefore, it’s crucial to adopt the appropriate AI-based product for your working needs. iFLYTEK AI keyboard and mouse could serve as a wonderful helper in building a smart home office. Only then will you be in a position to benefit from all of artificial intelligence’s advantages.

Top 3 AI Tools to Build Smart Home Office in 2023

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