10 Top Benefits of Outsourced IT Support

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No one knew COVID-19 would happen and have such a huge impact on the world economy. Post COVID-19, the working landscape has likely changed forever. The cascading effect of COVID-19 will impact numerous aspects of business operations.

Pre-COVID-19, the office was full of employees, and all your computers were in one place. During COVID-19 and afterward, your computing base is spread all over the place as more people continue to work from home. Outsourced IT support presents an opportunity to manage the new working landscape better and smarter way than before.

In this article, you’ll read about the 10 top benefits of outsourced IT support. The fact is, we don’t know what the future holds. So as you read through this list, think about how you can be better prepared to face operational challenges in the future.

1. Cost Reduction

Employees are an expensive resource. Of course, they’re an asset, but in accounting terms, they’re likely one of your biggest expenses. Trying to manage IT resources spread over a wider geographic area will only add to that expenditure. Outsourced solutions allow you to leverage the advantages of the internet and technology itself to reduce your physical labor costs.

2. Scaleability

This is a fantastic attribute of successful business models. The business can scale its operation without increasing costs to such a degree that it offsets any potential profit. Outsourced solutions allow you to pay for what you actually need and not needlessly pay for inefficiencies in your business operation.

3. Adapt and Thrive

IT is changing fast. The hardware and software solutions available in many industries are changing at a pace. These exciting developments bring many advantages as customers are more engaged, and marketing funnels are more tuned to convert.

Your business needs to be as agile as possible and adapt quickly to that change, so you remain efficient but also effective. An experienced outsourced team has the resources you need to implement those changes when they are needed.

4.  Time Is Money

The bottom line is that the more time you spend administering an in-house IT source, the more money you’re losing from time spent on income-generating activities. Recruitment of quality, experienced and qualified staff is a significant endeavor. With outsourced IT, you only need to employ those recruiting skills once.

5. Continuity

Continuity is about providing end-to-end solutions for your business that work 24/7. Don’t be satisfied paying for downtime. An outsourced IT solution will allow you to work with an expert team to develop the complete solution you need and ensure it is up and running constantly.

6. Security and Confidence

Cybersecurity continues to be a hot topic. The legal requirements and best practices around computer security are constantly evolving. Staying compliant and up to date can be time-consuming, expensive, and challenging.

Besides the cost, there is the emotional toll that such a responsibility takes on the directors of a company. An outsourced solution is ideal for taking off the stressful load associated with cybersecurity while also ensuring that systems are updated and compliant with legislation.

7. Risk Reduction

There will always be a level of risk that can impact your business. COVID-19 is a classic example of a risk that may not ever have been documented on an organization’s corporate risk list. Using an outsourced solution enables a business to respond more quickly and appropriately to unforeseen risks.

There are, of course, many foreseen risks to a business operation that involve IT services. It’s important to be fully aware of those to make wise strategic decisions about how you intend to use the financial resources you have to purchase the best IT solutions. Working with computer support better enables that process while not draining your internal resources.

8. Increase Your Competitiveness

Depending on your business model and industry, you may be disadvantaged compared to larger companies that employ big IT teams. That means they can have a bigger presence in the marketplace and leverage that to create more consumer confidence in their company.

One of the best things about outsourced IT is that you can create a big company feel, even though you’re a small company. You can design and channel the service to give you the most value and make you more competitive in the marketplace.

9. No More Update Headaches

Software and hardware need updating. As the internet develops and new software and applications develop, more integrations need to be developed, including security updates. Change is a constant in IT.

When you use an experienced IT outsource solution, you’ll see that constant updates are normal and can be delivered with the least impact on your operation possible.

10. Focus on Core Business

As a manager or director, there are added advantages for you personally in employing outsourced IT services. When you know the IT is being managed as it should and is delivering what was purchased, that leaves you to devote your time and energy to other operational matters. Most especially, that includes delivering your core business and expanding your client base.

Ready for Outsourced IT Support

In this article, you’ve read about the 10 top benefits of outsourced IT support. It’s a big decision to move away from the more traditional model of employing IT technicians and running it in-house. You are wise to re-read this article and do more research so that you can be confident an outsourced solution will work for your company.

Make sure you’re prepared to invest the initial time needed to explore your IT requirements. Engaging in discussion and developing specifications with potential providers does not bind you to a contract, so use that to your advantage. Check out other great technology and lifestyle articles on our site.

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10 Top Benefits of Outsourced IT Support

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