Traffic Accident Statistics In Los Angeles

Causes Of Road Accidents In Los Angeles

When Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced his Vision Zero plan, he predicted an almost immediate 20% reduction in road deaths. Instead, in the first year of Vision Zero, the number of fatal traffic accidents in Los Angeles increased by 43%. In 2017, the second year after Vision Zero went into effect, Los Angeles saw a further 22% increase in fatal crashes. Los Angeles has one of the country’s highest injury and death rates today. Please get in touch with a personal injury lawyer if you have an accident on the road.

Los Angeles is a bustling metropolis known for its fantastic weather. Thanks to this, the city is no stranger to motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians. Most traffic accidents in Los Angeles involve people who actively use these modes of transportation. Pedestrians are usually engaged in approximately 14% of traffic accidents. However, this category accounts for about half of road fatalities. In 2015, 2,386 pedestrians were killed or injured in traffic accidents in Los Angeles. When you have been injured due to a traffic accident, you should find a car accident lawyer who will offer you qualified legal assistance. Biking is becoming an increasingly popular form of transportation in Los Angeles. The city continues to improve streets for cyclists by installing bike lanes. However, the risk of severe cyclist injuries in road accidents continues to increase. In 2015, 2,162 bicyclists were injured or killed in traffic accidents in Los Angeles. Motorcycles: California registers more motorcycles than any other state in the country. Typically, motorcyclists are involved in approximately 3% of accidents in the city.

Causes Of Road Accidents In Los Angeles

Why are there so many traffic accidents, and why do they cause more damage? One theory is that the police spend more time-fighting crime and less time enforcing traffic laws. Data from the Los Angeles Police Department shows that speeding tickets have dropped significantly over the past decade. In 2010, the police issued almost 100,000 summonses for speeding. By 2015, that number had fallen to about 17,000. Some officials also say state laws prevent effective street patrols. The law allows police to use radar to detect speeding only in areas where traffic checks are carried out. Drivers in Los Angeles can get used to avoiding local traffic laws because they know that police are focused on more serious crimes and don’t have enough resources to enforce the law. Speed is a significant factor in injuries and deaths in Los Angeles. Speeding is not the only cause of traffic accidents in Los Angeles. As part of the fight against the growing problem of traffic accidents in the city, the authorities investigated why, when and where traffic accidents most often occur. At the end of the study, it was determined where the city’s most dangerous intersections and streets are located. Four hundred fifty miles of roadways were identified as having the highest fatal crashes. Considerable resources have been allocated to these accident-prone areas for their improvement. In the coming years, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation will focus on making the most dangerous roads in Los Angeles safer for drivers. Changes are made based on collected information that shows where, how and why accidents occur. Los Angeles also expects drivers to try to drive more safely. Drivers are encouraged to obey all posted traffic laws, go without distractions and be safe while driving. Physical changes to roads can help reduce fatal crashes, but drivers must take full responsibility for conducting their cars.

If You Have Been Involved In A Car Accident In Los Angeles, Seek Professional Help.

Were you injured in a car accident in Los Angeles? To learn more about the benefits of filing a personal injury lawsuit, contact a qualified personal injury attorney who is experienced in handling complex personal injury lawsuits in Los Angeles and helping you obtain financial compensation as the injured party in a car accident.

What Are The Most Common Types Of Road Accidents?

The most common accidents are rear-ended collisions and side collisions. A corner collision occurs when a vehicle collides with another car at an angle between 90 degrees (known as a side impact) and 180 degrees. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, rear-end collisions account for 33% of injuries, and side collisions account for 26% of injuries. The organization also reports that cornering collisions account for 18.6% of fatal crashes, followed by rear-end collisions, which account for 7% of fatalities. Rollovers and rear-end collisions are the most common types of accidents, but countless accidents can result in multiple injuries.

Behaviour After A Traffic Accident

The first thing to do after a car accident, even if you are not seriously injured, is to see a doctor immediately. You may have internal injuries that have not yet manifested. The sooner these injuries are detected and treated, the faster they heal. In addition, the shorter the time between the accident and the examination, the better for you. After you receive the treatment you need, you should speak with a qualified attorney about your options for financial compensation. Do this regardless of how the accident happened or who you think is responsible. Car accident laws vary from state to state. You may be eligible for a financial reward. Especially in areas with rapid population growth and poor infrastructure, traffic accidents can occur more often than on roads with less traffic. Car accidents can happen on curves, intersections, highways, and country roads. Curve crashes are not the most common type, but they play a role in the number of injuries and deaths each year. A cornering accident can happen when someone ignores a red light or stop light, ignores a traffic sign, or changes lanes without looking around. In some ways, both parties are at fault in car accidents, and in some states, each driver can seek financial compensation from the other. This scenario usually occurs in the field of common law. Only a qualified lawyer can explain your legal options.

Rear-end Collisions: The Most Common Type Of Road Accident

A rear-end collision occurs when one vehicle crashes into the rear of another car. Many mistakenly believe that the driver is automatically responsible for these accidents. Although this is true in many situations, there are no hard and fast rules governing such car accidents in this case. For example, if a driver in front intentionally brakes or blocks another driver, the court may decide that the driver is partially or fully at fault for the accident.

Collision With Trees And Bushes

Not all severe traffic accidents involve more than one driver. Single-vehicle collisions with stationary objects such as trees and bushes account for 7% of all fatal crashes in the United States. A collision with a fixed object may occur because the driver avoided a collision with another vehicle. This can be caused by someone leaving the lane or changing course. Regardless of the accident, an attorney can help you protect your rights and recover the financial damages you are entitled to. Regardless of the severity of the injury, skilled attorneys can help determine who caused the car accident. It is important to carefully collect all the evidence, such as photos and videos of the victims, the vehicles involved in the accident, and the road accident scene itself. You can obtain these recordings if a nearby surveillance camera captures the accident. Gather medical records and bills to link injuries to the car accident: complete paperwork and file claims and lawsuits promptly. Communicate and actively collaborate with insurance companies who negotiate with experts. Hire accident reconstruction experts if necessary. Qualified lawyers will tirelessly fight for justice and the financial compensation you deserve. Your attorney will determine and estimate the number of damages you should receive. A team of skilled attorneys can help you get the proper financial compensation for your car accident.

Traffic Accident Statistics In Los Angeles

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