12 Transportation Businesses You Can Start Now

12 Transportation Businesses You Can Start Now

Ever thought about starting your own business in the bustling world of transportation? Whether it’s the independence of setting your own hours or the thrill of meeting new people, the transportation industry offers a vast ocean of opportunities just waiting to be explored. From urban centers bustling with tourists to quiet, tree-lined suburban streets, there’s always someone, somewhere, who needs to get from point A to point B. Let’s dive into some exciting ideas that could steer you towards entrepreneurial success.

1. Taxi service

Imagine cruising through the city streets, picking up passengers from all walks of life – that’s the daily life of an Uber driver. In over 400 cities across 65 countries, Uber has carved out a space for entrepreneurs who cherish flexibility. How do you get started? Simply head to Uber’s website and hit the “Become a Driver” button to fill out a short questionnaire.

Why Uber? It’s more than just driving around. You’re launching a low-startup cost business. You use your own vehicle and handle your schedule. Uber manages all the payments, depositing earnings weekly. Despite overhead costs like gas and maintenance, an analysis by SherpaShare suggests drivers can earn between $8.80 to $11 per hour before Uber’s cut. It’s a straightforward gateway into the world of transportation businesses with a built-in brand recognition that you don’t have to build from scratch.

2. Bicycle rental

Picture this: a line of shiny bikes, ready for tourists or locals to explore scenic trails or bustling city paths. Where should you set up shop? Ideally, somewhere close to hotels or tourist hotspots if you’re in a vacation area, or bustling urban centers for city dwellers. And consider this trendy twist: a bike-sharing model like Boston’s Hubway. It’s about accessibility – users pick up a bike here and drop it off there, with various membership options.

Why consider bike rentals? They tap into the eco-friendly and health-conscious spirit of modern consumers, and with rising awareness about the environment and fitness, a bike rental or sharing service could be your ticket to a profitable and sustainable business.

3. Limousine service

Ever dreamed of gliding through the streets in a sleek limo, providing an unforgettable experience for party-goers or wedding guests? Starting a limo service for “regular people” rather than celebrities might just be your niche. What’s crucial here? Trustworthiness and safety. You’ll need a well-maintained vehicle and a reputation for reliability.

How to scale? Start with one limo and offer a personalized experience. As demand grows, scale up your fleet and perhaps, your offerings too. It’s not just about driving; it’s about crafting memorable experiences, whether it’s for a night out or someone’s special day.

4. Owner/Operator trucking

The open road, the hum of a truck engine, and the satisfaction of delivering goods on time—could be quite the adventure, right? Trucking within the U.S. involves bidding on contracts and fulfilling them efficiently. Options to consider? You could subcontract drivers who own their equipment, reducing your costs but paying them more, or you might build a fleet of your own trucks for greater control and potentially higher profits.

Why trucking? It’s the backbone of commerce, and there’s always a need for reliable, timely transportation of goods. Whether you choose to contract drivers or manage your own fleet, trucking offers a solid foundation for a robust business.

5. Moving van business

Think of the satisfaction that comes from helping someone transition to a new phase in their life. Starting a moving company could be your way to enter the transportation sector. What do you need? A few trucks, a good crew who can handle heavy lifting, and a commitment to professional, respectful service.

Why a moving business? It’s straightforward to set up but remember, professionalism is your ace card over less formal competitors. Offer excellent service, perhaps with add-ons like temporary storage, and you’ll stand out in this busy market.

6. Specialty transportation

Ever thought about transporting something out of the ordinary? Imagine handling massive airplane parts, modular houses, or even critical items like refrigerated perishables, blood, or human organs. This niche can be quite profitable! It usually involves fewer clients, but you can charge premium rates for your specialized knowledge. The success of this business heavily depends on your location—a bustling urban center with numerous medical facilities, like downtown Boston, might offer more opportunities than a quieter, rural area.

What do you need to know? Handling such sensitive items requires not just specialized equipment but also an in-depth understanding of logistics and regulations. Whether you’re flying solo or managing a team, becoming the go-to expert in this unique field could set you apart from the rest.

7. Livestock transportation

Love animals? Transporting livestock could be your calling, especially if you have a background in handling equine or bovine animals. While personal horse transportation doesn’t typically require specific licenses, moving several animals commercially does. You’ll need to be well-versed in the transportation regulations of any state you’ll travel through—this includes knowing about necessary health exams and vaccinations.

What’s your role? Don’t just rely on livestock owners to manage the regulations; proactively advising them ensures that all paperwork is in order, making your service invaluable. Consider gaining a veterinary technician license or partnering with a certified vet tech. This not only enhances the safety of the animals during transit but also builds trust with your clients, leading to referrals and repeat business.

8. Boats

Is water your element? If you live near the coast or a bustling marina, transporting boats could be a lucrative seasonal venture. Whether it’s getting speedboats ready for summer or securing large sailboats after the season, your timing and service can make all the difference.

What to consider? The type of boats you decide to transport will dictate your equipment needs. While many boat owners handle their smaller vessels, offering meticulous care and additional services like shrink-wrapping or covered storage could persuade them to hire you instead. Remember, the startup costs aren’t negligible—you’ll need a robust truck, several trailers for different boat sizes, and substantial liability insurance to protect against potential mishaps.

9. Air transport

Dreaming of the skies? Air transport, whether by plane or helicopter, opens a world of possibilities but comes with high entry barriers. Ideal for transporting goods or people to remote locations, this service demands significant startup capital for equipment, licenses, and insurance.

What’s essential? Efficient cargo handling and inspection systems are crucial, especially if you handle regulated items like agricultural products. If international routes are in your plan, be prepared to navigate complex customs regulations. Air transport is all about speed and reliability, making it a high-stakes, high-reward business.

10. Marine shipping

Thinking big? Marine shipping might just be your calling. This isn’t just about moving goods; it’s about orchestrating a massive ballet of logistics and international regulations. Imagine overseeing the journey of containers lifted from the trailers of 18-wheelers and stacked onto giant tankers bound for distant shores. This sector requires not just an understanding of customs and import/export protocols but a mastery of them.

What does it take? If you have a knack for scheduling and coordination and aren’t daunted by the scale of operations or the upfront investment, marine shipping could be a rewarding venture. Remember, success here depends on meticulous planning and an ability to handle complex logistics puzzles.

11. Medical transport

Want to make a difference? Medical transport offers a unique opportunity to impact lives directly. This isn’t just about transportation; it’s about providing a crucial service to those in need. From seniors requiring rides to local medical appointments to long-distance trips to specialty healthcare facilities, each journey you facilitate could be life-changing.

How can you specialize? If you have or are willing to obtain medical certifications like an EMT license, you could expand into more specialized medical transport services, such as transferring patients between hospitals for specific treatments. This could involve sophisticated equipment and vehicles modified to handle various medical needs, including wheelchair accessibility and onboard oxygen.

12. Senior services

Are you community-focused? With the increasing age of the population, a service dedicated to helping seniors maintain their independence could be both fulfilling and profitable. Whether it’s driving them to grocery stores, social outings, or regular medical checkups, your service could greatly enhance the quality of life for seniors.

Consider the bigger picture: If your area has a significant low-income senior population, think about structuring your service as a nonprofit. This could open doors to funding through grants, corporate sponsorships, and government programs designed to assist vulnerable groups. It’s not just about business; it’s about creating meaningful impact in your community.


Ready to start your journey in the transportation industry? Whether it’s the global scale of marine shipping, the critical service of medical transport, or the community-focused senior services, there’s a spectrum of opportunities waiting for entrepreneurs ready to make their mark. Each business comes with its own set of challenges and rewards, but the common thread is the potential to transform lives—whether it’s through facilitating global trade, providing essential health services, or enhancing the mobility of our seniors. Dive in, plan carefully, and drive your way to success in the dynamic world of transportation!

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12 Transportation Businesses You Can Start Now
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