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Trey Anastasio’s Bio, Lifestyle and Net Worth


If you are wondering about Trey Anastasio’s bio, lifestyle, and net worth, then you’ve come to the right place. This musician has managed to build a successful career in the music industry. His solo work has accumulated several albums and singles, and he’s also guest-worked with several bands. His band, the Trey Anastasio Band, was formed in 1998, and since then, it’s had a significant amount of success in the music industry. Read on more to know about him.


Behind the success of this inspirational musician are two people who were instrumental in his artistic journey: His parents, Ernest and Dina Anastasio. 

Ernest was a composer and teacher at Dartmouth College’s music department while Dina worked as a public schoolteacher. Both parents encouraged their son’s musical pursuits from an early age by providing him with instruments to play around their home in Princeton, New Jersey. Trey learned to play the piano from his mother, before transitioning to the guitar which became his signature instrument. Ernest also lent support for Trey’s musical creativity by teaching him about jazz theory and composition techniques which have been reflected in many of Trey’s compositions throughout his career.


Trey Anastasio, the lead guitarist for the beloved rock band Phish, has an impressive educational background. A native of New Jersey, Trey attended Princeton University during his undergraduate years. His studies focused on creative writing and film studies. After graduating from Princeton in 1988 with a degree in religious studies, he moved to Burlington, Vermont and formed the legendary jam-band Phish. 

Though Trey’s primary focus was on music during this time, he still maintained a connection to academia. In 1995 at Goddard College in Plainfield, VT he completed a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree program in Liberal Arts with an emphasis on philosophy and poetry; followed by a Master’s Degree (MA) in Music Theory and Composition from the same institution two years later.

Early life 

Trey Anastasio has been a prominent figure in the music industry for over three decades. Born as Ernest Joseph Anastasio III in Fort Worth, Texas on September 30th 1964, Trey was raised in Princeton New Jersey and attended Princeton Day School from Kindergarten through 12th grade. His early life was filled with music and he started playing the trumpet at the age of 11 after seeing a performance by Maynard Ferguson. He soon developed an interest in jazz and classical music and became a proficient composer before attending college. 

During his high school years, Trey formed a band called Space Antelope with fellow students that played at local venues including weddings, clubs and other events. It was during this period that his musical style began to take form, blending elements of funk, rock and jazz into an improvisational sound that would become his signature style.


Trey Anastasio is a well-known singer, songwriter, and musician. He is best known as one of the lead vocalists of the popular band Phish. Before joining Phish, Trey Anastasio had a successful career as a solo musician. The band is best known for jamming, but Anastasio also plays the guitar and sings. He has performed with other artists including Neil Young and Jay Z at Coney Island. Other musicians who have appeared on Phish’s stage include Alison Krauss, Kenny Rogers, and Carlos Santana.

He co-founded the band in 1983 and is credited with writing more than 150 original songs. Besides Phish, he has also played with other notable artists.

Trey Anastasio is a musician who has been acclaimed for his electronic guitar style. He uses effects processors to create his tunes. In addition to the band Phish, Trey Anastasio has formed several side projects. He has also released 11 solo albums. He has also collaborated with other artists, including the New York Philharmonic, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, and the National Symphony Orchestra. He is also a member of several side projects. Anastasio also performed with Roots on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Following Phish’s reunion, Anastasio pursued a solo career. He recorded two albums during the COVID-19 pandemic: Lonely Trip and Mercy. In addition to his solo work, he also continues to work on his compositions. His songs have been featured in movies like The Greatest Showman, and he has also written the score for the movie Hands on a Hardbody.

Net worth 

His net worth is estimated to be around $85 million as of October 2022. Composer Trey Anastasio’s bio, net worth, and lifestyle are important aspects to know about the musician. His net worth has grown with his popularity as a musician.

Social media

Trey Anastasio, leader of the rock band Phish, has embraced social media as a means to connect with his fans. His presence is felt across different platforms including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Anastasio’s Instagram account consists of an array of personal photos from performances with Phish as well as solo shows. He also shares heartfelt messages and inspiration for his followers with an occasional #throwbackthursday picture for good measure. Anastasio’s Twitter feed is always buzzing, providing updates on upcoming concerts and news about the band along with links to articles he finds interesting. Lastly, his Facebook page serves as a platform to showcase new projects and releases while also giving a behind-the-scenes look into some of his creative processes.


Trey Anastasio was arrested for illegal possession of drugs in 2006. He served 14 months in prison and graduated from a drug court in 2008. He has since dedicated his career to helping other drug addicts.

After his 2006 DWI, Trey Anastasio cleaned up. He attended drug court and was sober by the time he was ready for the public eye. In 2009, he was even invited to speak to Congress about his success in drug court.


His work with the National Drug Court has helped raise awareness and funds for this vital cause.

Drug Court Professionals has made a point to raise money and awareness for the cause. He is currently sober and has been sober since January 2007. He was recently profiled in GQ for his struggles with opiate addiction.


Trey Anastasio, the renowned frontman of Phish and solo artist, has made a splash in the charitable world through his organization, The WaterWheel Foundation. His mission is to spread awareness about social issues related to poverty, hunger, and homelessness. With every performance he does—whether with Phish or as a solo act—he makes sure to donate proceeds to an array of charities that matter most to him. 

The WaterWheel Foundation was founded in 1997 by Trey Anastasio with an emphasis on helping those affected by Hurricane Irene in Vermont. Since then the foundation has expanded its reach beyond the state borders and continues its purpose of assisting those in need across the United States. It also serves as an umbrella organization for other charities such as The Divided Sky Fund which helps support creative expression through music education programs.


Trey Anastasio, the beloved frontman of the iconic rock band Phish, is a married man. On June 4th of 2002, Trey wed his long-time girlfriend Susan Eliza States in a ceremony at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Burlington, Vermont. The couple had been together for five years before their marriage and following their nuptials had two children together: Eliza and Sophia Anastasio. 

The wedding was held on a warm summer day with guests flocking from all around the country to attend what was sure to be an unforgettable celebration of joy and love between two people deeply committed to one another. Trey was dressed in traditional attire while Susan wore a beautiful white dress with lace detailing that fit her like a glove.


Trey Anastasio is a beloved and respected musician, composer, and solo artist. His career has spanned over 30 years and he has been awarded numerous awards for his work in music. 

Trey Anastasio has won 11 Grammy Awards in various categories such as Best Rock Instrumental Performance, Best Pop Instrumental Performance, and Best Contemporary Jazz Album. He also won the prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship award in 2006 which recognizes creative professionals who have demonstrated exceptional capacity for productive scholarship or exceptional creative ability in the arts. In addition to this, he was inducted into the Jammy Hall of Fame alongside Phish in 2009 for their impact on live music culture in America. 

In 2019 Trey Anastasio was honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Americana Music Association for his contributions to American roots music throughout his career.


In conclusion, Trey Anastasio is a prolific artist with a lengthy career spanning decades. He has achieved both critical and commercial success and is considered one of the top guitarists in rock music. His ability to intertwine musical genres and styles has allowed him to create unique works that are beloved by fans across the world. Anastasio’s creative vision has made him an influential figure, not only in the world of rock music but also on a larger cultural level.

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Trey Anastasio Net Worth

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