Trinidad Olive

Trinidad Olive Tarantula

Neoholothele incei, commonly referred to as the Trinidad olive tarantula, is native to both Trinidad and Venezuela and can span 5 – 7.5 cm legspan.

This study investigated physiological parameters and chemical characteristics of five olive cultivars ‘Barnea, Picholine Languedoc’, ‘Koroneiki’, ‘Souri’ and ‘Coratina’ during two years of fruit development at different locations.

Early Life and Education

Olive Senior was born and educated in Trelawny, Jamaica and Canada. As the author of seventeen prize-winning works of poetry, fiction and non-fiction; she also serves as an international writing teacher and lecturer on Caribbean literature and culture.

She was among the pioneers in collecting regional Caribbean folk songs and founded La Petite Musicale choir. Additionally, she served as senator in Trinidad and Tobago’s first parliament established post independence.

She personifies many of the histories she writes so passionately about, yet without an aura of privilege that might otherwise accompany them. While light-skinned and possessing “good” hair may have certain inherent advantages in certain countries or regions, their values often come at the cost of other qualities that come naturally with being light skinned and having “good” locks.

Professional Career

Olive has 28 years of professional experience as an advisor and consultant to health care clients, offering clinical and business design and transformation services. Her ability to comprehend her client needs while taking an consultative approach has resulted in long-term relationships and successful outcomes for each of her clients. Olive is adept at designing and implementing complex clinical initiatives within integrated delivery systems, academic health systems, community health systems and integrated delivery networks – though making the switch may have seemed radical at first. But Olive was up for a new challenge, welcoming ONSURI’s invitation and jumping right in head first!

Personal Life

The Trinidad Olive (Neoholothele incei) tarantula is an exquisite dwarf species native to Trinidad and Venezuela. Distinguished by an olive hue on both legs and carapace, with golds and blacks providing accentuations. Due to its distinctive bumblebee-striped abdomen, this spider has also earned itself the name ‘Bumble Bee Tarantula.

Breeding and caring for these tarantulas is straightforward. Individual or communal colonies can easily reach adult size within 2 years or so, providing ample opportunities for rapid development.

They require a small enclosure with dry substrate that should be misted occasionally without making the enclosure soggy. Although not capable of cannibalism, tarantulas do produce copious amounts of silk which may attract other spiders into its enclosure.

Trinidad Olive
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