Types of Mat Boards for Your Framing Project

Mat Boards

Photos and artwork are more than just decorations. They’re a reflection of your personal style and taste, as well as a way to capture memories and important events in your life.

So when it comes time to display your keepsakes, choosing a frame is only half of it. Adding the right size and style of mat boards to your photos to show them off is important as well.

Not sure where to start? Then read on to learn all about your various options and how to choose the right look for you.

Types of Mat Boards

Mat boards are standard for framing because they serve two key purposes. First, they provide a thin barrier between the glass and your artwork or photo. Not only does this protect the images from damaging light, but it also keeps the glass from resting on the surface.

Second, a mat gives your framed images a more clean, polished appearance. It can mean the difference between a carefully designed room and one that feels cluttered.

Standard Mat

While there are no firm rules, a standard mat is usually around an inch and a half wide. The size of the image and frame will determine the best fit, however, to create the right perspective for the image in question.

Thin Mat

If you have a striking image that you want to show off, then a thinner mat may be the best way to display it. Using a smaller mat will make the image appear larger and more eye-catching. This technique is best when used with images of a larger size.

Wide Mat

If minimalism is your style go-to, then a wide mat board can help achieve this look. A large amount of white space creates a clean visual display in which the images are the star of the show.

Double Mat Boards

A great way to draw one’s eye into an image is to double up on mat boards. These are usually stacked on top, with the larger mat closest to the image.

No Mat

Large-format images are sometimes best displayed with no mat at all. This look is better for more muted images that are meant to provide a quiet background. This approach is best with images meant to provide extra color or depth and not be the focal point of your decor.

Personalize It

While white is one of the most popular colors, it’s not the only option. Play with different colors and combinations, frame styles, and materials. A custom mat can help personalize your artwork to fit your home decor.

You can go with blank uncut blackboards as backing to your framing projects as well. Or, if you have a large project, such as a gallery wall, matboard show kits are a great option to get several at once.

Choosing the Right Mat Board

Remember that you’re the one who will be looking at your framed artwork and photos displayed in your home. Make sure you’re pleased with the look of the mat boards and frames. Your opinion is the only one that matters!

If you want to read more about home decor and lifestyle trends, be sure to check out the posts on our website for more tips!

Types of Mat Boards for Your Framing Project

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