What Are the Types of Partition Wall and What Are Their Characteristics?

Partition Wall

Glass is a unique material used to produce strong and beautiful structures—one of the areas of application of this material in the manufacture of glass panel partitions. There are several types of such structures, among which are all-glass partitions. They are used in offices and modern private homes to create practical interiors.

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Basic Types of Conference Room Glass Walls

The specialists of the website CommercialGlassPartitions.com mention many criteria by which glass conference room walls can be divided. First, however, we will consider a classification based on the presence of a frame in glass panels:

  1. Stationary glass partitions. The design of stationary glass meeting rooms consists of an aluminum profile, modules, doors, and accessories. It is possible to install blinds (as additional accessories), wiring, and line communications on the design of the partition. Stationary glass panels have fastenings with a floor, walls, and ceiling and high bearing capacity. Therefore, it can be used in offices and public places with high passability, warehouses, and production rooms. Dividers of this type have relatively high decorative possibilities that are defined first of all by a variety of filling materials and a choice of colors of the aluminum partition profile;
  2. Sliding glass partitions. Sliding conference room glass walls are widely used today. And this is not only due to the presentability of this type of panel and its functionality and practicality. Such structures require less free space than other glass walls because they move to the sides when opened. According to CommercialGlassPartitions.com, the sliding panels are fastened quite firmly, so they can be used without fasteners, creating the effect of an all-glass wall;
  3. Frameless glass partitions. This is a type of meeting room glass wall with tempered glass that has a polished edge. Glass is tempered for safety purposes. It is produced in different shapes, colors, thicknesses according to the project’s needs. Such walls visually create a feeling of absence of any frames and are widely used. But for offices, they are considered the most successful option, as they promote intra-office communication while maintaining aesthetic design and privacy;
  4. Combined glass partitions. Combined partitions are aluminum frames with various filling options. For the transparent part, ordinary or tempered glass can be used, providing good decoration opportunities. Drywall, sandwich panels, MDF, etc., are usually used for the blind part.

The glass panel systems offered by CommercialGlassPartitions.com represent a universal design solution that allows combining practicality and sophistication. There are different types of glass workstation walls, so you can choose the one that best suits your goals. When selecting, also pay attention to the kind of glass, as this significantly affects the quality of the construction itself.

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What Are the Types of Partition Wall and What Are Their Characteristics?

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