What Types of Robotics Systems Should You Use?

Robotics Systems

Have you been searching for a ‘Robotics Manufacturing Company Huntsville‘ without any luck? Trying to find a reliable robotics manufacturer is not easy. There is usually the searching followed by copious amounts of research on what you should consider before you delve into the automation process of your business. This is why this guide of the types of robotic systems that you should look out for should be beneficial to you. Keep on reading to find out more.

Types of Robotics Systems

1. Articulated Robots

If you have ever imagined a robot at a manufacturing site, you have most likely imagined an articulated robot. These commonly used robots contain axes or rotary joints that vary from 2 to 10 joints in a single robot. The standard number of joints that you find in an industry articulated robot is four to six axes. These joints provide your robot with independent movements to perform different tasks. This flexible motion is ideal if you want your robot to mimic the actions of a human hand. Moreover, they can perform a multitude of functions such as welding, packaging, assembly, and material handling.

2. SCARA Robots

If your manufacturing plant has a conveyor belt to transfer parts, you should invest in these cost-effective robots known as a Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm (SCARA). Additionally, if you have tasks that require vertical rigidity, this type of robot excels at performing jobs that rely on vertical assembly. These robots are lauded for their high-performance times and their lightweight design that allows them to perform certain functions in crowded spaces. However, unlike articulated robots, a SCARA robot has limited axes. As a result, they are limited with movements and cannot perform certain tasks.

3. Delta Robots

If you are looking for an overhead mounted machine with concurrent rotary joints, then a delta robot is what you are looking for. Your human employees should get tired after carrying heavy loads and working manually with some tasks. Using this type of robot should reduce the weight that your employees have to carry. The extra pair of rotary joints make it easy to carry heavy equipment. Additionally, it helps to improve the speed of your operations. As a result, these robotics systems have been mainly used to pick up heavy loads and to assemble food packing lines.

4. Cartesian Robots

Having a business that handles industrial applications requires a robotics system that can provide you with linear applications. These types of robots have an overhead structure that can control the motion over any horizontal surface. The arm will ensure vertical motion. The most advantageous part of using cartesian robots is that they are easier to program when compared to the rest. Importantly, they have an increased payload carrying capacity.

In summary, knowing which type of robotics system is ideal for your operations is essential before you approach a robotics engineering company. There are various robots that are designed for various tasks; some have numerous rotary joints, while others are only ideal for vertical assembly. It is important to learn more about the differences before you decide to purchase your ideal automation solution.

What Types of Robotics Systems Should You Use?

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