Uruha Rushia Returns to YouTube With a New Channel

Rushia, who had her contract terminated, has now returned to YouTube with a new channel called Rushia Live. The former Mikeneko star was once known for posting music covers on NicoNico. After leaving NicoNico to focus on her career with Hololive, she decided to create her own channel to share her videos. The female content creator has more than 812K YouTube subscribers as of April 2017. According to SocialBlade projections, her account will reach 1 million subscribers later this year.

Uruha Rushia is part of the third generation of hololive, an organization that creates vloggers who can be popular in the online community. Her videos have been well-received in the VTuber community. She is one of few vloggers with more than a million subscribers. Her videos of her frustrated outbursts during video games are her most well-known, but she also uploads ASMR tracks and covers of songs.

In March 2021, Rushia would be one of the VTubers with over one million subscribers. She is a Christian and was raised in Texas. She is a successful gamer and model, as well as collaborating with many brands. She has been praised for improving the content of the channel, becoming one of the best players of Sol Badguy in North America.

Despite being cute and adorable, Rushia has a sensitive side. She gets upset easily, especially when she is teased about her chest size. In spite of her vulnerability, Rushia is open to viewers and shows that she values their support. She also shows affection and respect for her viewers.

Rushia has not yet replied to the rumors but she did apologize for them. She hasn’t made any statement relating to her termination, but she has apologized for the rumors surrounding her. Hopefully, this will put an end to the speculations.

It’s easy to see how Uruha Rushia could return, even though the situation isn’t entirely clear. Her leak of confidential information led to the termination of her original channel. Despite losing a lot of leverage with Hololive she managed to rally her followers around her new channel, which has six hundred thousand subscribers.

Uruha Rushia Returns to YouTube With a New Channel
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