USDA Inspectors Find Rust-Covered Kennels For German Shepherds

Although a licensee may have been allowed to pass a USDA inspection the facility was found to be in violation to animal welfare standards. Inspectors found a limping adult dog and a puppy in a dangerous cage. The housing was also covered with rust or flaking paint which made it unsafe. The dogs’ body condition score was below five. A score of five is considered ideal.

In a recent inspection, USDA inspectors found 382 puppies and dogs at a kennel operated by the company. They cited the same issue. USDA records also show that 102 puppies were kept on the premises and 610 dogs in September 2016.

The USDA has documented many repeat violations since the USDA inspection in October 2016. These include poor veterinary care, dirty water receptacles, inadequate identification of puppies, and insufficient shelter. In addition, the USDA inspector noted that the dogs were living in small cages, were lacking adequate shelter and were not being properly handled. The dogs are also suffering from diseases and are not receiving proper care. The owners also have multiple violations related to health care.

USDA inspectors found multiple dogs that needed medical care. One Labrador had a body condition score of three, while a German shepherd had bloody lesions on its ears. The USDA inspectors also found several dogs with advanced dental disease, missing teeth, and tongues hanging out of their mouths. One dog had excessive amounts of matted hair and a green discharge on its eye. Some dogs were neglected and underweight, and there was no proof of veterinary care.

There were also reports of extensive dental problems. One labrador was found with a large open wound on one ear. A limping dog was also found, as well as two excessively long nails in beagles. The inspectors noted several violations between February 2014 and November 2015.

The USDA inspector also reported that sick dogs were not treated and were forced to walk in their own feces. The USDA reported that about 85% of the floor space in the facility was covered with feces, and many other problems. Other than the issues mentioned, violations included improper veterinary care as well as improper sanitation. It is critical that these kennels comply with federal regulations.

USDA Inspectors Find Rust-Covered Kennels For German Shepherds
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