Use Your Brain When Choosing the Perfect Gift

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There is a strange irony in a world of choice that coming up with the perfect gift has become more difficult than ever. Maybe it is because people have so much choice that the selection process feels like interviewing someone for a job. They want all the right answers, even if they don’t know how to interpret the question.

To make life easier and bring back the joy of buying a gift, forget about the immediate reaction of the recipient and be inventive. Give a gift that brings a smile, a gift that is different from their normal, a gift that will be remembered and could spark a new passion. If you want to get it right, though, you have to think about the person you are buying the gift for. Are they sporty? Maybe they are more into music?

This article will provide some great ideas based on what type of person you are buying for and their interests.

For the Sports Fan

Sport follows a similar pattern to music and food. Everybody has a few favorites and a few dislikes. More often than not, the ‘dislikes’ are actually sports, songs, and dishes they haven’t even tried.

For someone who loves to work out and test their strength, introduce the poise and power required to drive a golf ball with some lessons at a local club. For the running enthusiast, give them a different direction and something to chase after with a tennis session at a special venue.

Introduce the motoring fan to yoga with a matt, the football player to surfing with a surfboard and lessons, and the cyclist to martial arts by going to a lesson together. Make it different, fun, and memorable, and the gift will work.

For the Music Lover

It feels like they can name any song from just the opening line, the riff of a chorus brings a full list of albums, they know everything possible when it comes to music, and there is nothing more you can give them in this streaming world.

What about, however, the quality of the sound they are experiencing? Think of a gift that elevates their musical journey to one of audio pleasure. The perfect headphones can make the difference and the choices are endless.

For the Artist

The amateur artist will generally have every type of pen it is possible to wield. They have tried every parchment, sculpted on stone tablets, brushed through the watercolor spectrum.

So, what can be done to make the gift different, fun, and memorable? Think about the type of art they enjoy, take a landscape artist to a fabulous new setting that inspires innovation in their ideas, give the portrait artist a push with some online guidance, or invite the animator to a studio.

For the Chef

Food is great, a wonderful world of variety, combinations that work in beautiful harmony, and some that don’t.

Cookery books and online recipes are the obvious answer for a culinary wizard, the solution to any kitchen dilemma can be easily found, not so easily executed in most cases, but at least the theory is available.

Creating something delicious for someone special is a fantastic feeling, and food is a sphere that introduces new ideas all the time. Cooking classes where people share techniques can elevate a chef to a higher level, and for the solo caterer, it ticks that box of being different, fun, and memorable.

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Use Your Brain When Choosing the Perfect Gift

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