Valorant Collection – New Skins and Bundles For Valorant

If you’ve played Valorant, you may be familiar with the Night Market. It’s back for another season. While it doesn’t appear to offer any Radianite upgrades, the new skins look fantastic and are expected to be in the store for a couple more weeks.

Completing the Battle Pass challenges and earning Valorant points will unlock new skins to your Valorant character. These points can be used to purchase new weapons, skins, and accessories. In addition to being a cool cosmetic option, each Valorant has its own unique sound effect and animation.

Valorant skins are available in Select, Deluxe, and Ultra editions. The Select Edition skin is 875 VP, while the Deluxe skin is 2930 VP. Each bundle of skins is 5,100 VP. The Premium Edition skin is a pink triangle with an upside-down triangle on top. The Ultra Edition skin, which is yellow diamond, costs 2475 VP per skin.

The Valorant battlepass comes with three new skins, including Phantom, Operator, and Vandal. The Battlepass is a new in-game currency that players can buy, as well as in-game cosmetics. It also includes the new Artisan, Nitro, and Varnish sets.

There are more Valorant skins coming soon. The latest set will include a retro 1960s-inspired gun set, new skins, and a collaboration with the Anime community. You’ll also find a new skin set featuring a kunai melee weapon.

The new Champions 2022 bundle is a great option if you are looking for a new look to your Valorant characters. This bundle will include a variety skins and new visual effects that are tied to your kill count. Riot Games spent nearly a year developing the progressive killing effect. This new bundle is limited, and you’ll need to order it soon to get your hands on it.

Valorant is also collaborating with League of Legends, which is a big deal for the community. The new Valorant skins are based on League of Legends characters and will be released along with the Sentinels of the Light event of League of Legends. This collection will also include new items for Teamfight Tactics and Wild Rift as well as Legends of Runeterra.

Valorant Collection – New Skins and Bundles For Valorant
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