Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Mother and Father

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. was the son of former Major League Baseball players Riquelma Ramos and Vladimir Guerrero. Riquelma was born in the Dominican Republic, while her father was a well-known player with the Montreal Expos. When Vlad Sr. was in the Major Leagues, she met her son while they were both living in Montreal. As a result, the two spent much of their time in the Expos clubhouse together.

Although Super Vlad is a celebrity in his own right, his children have yet to be revealed to the public. Riquelma Ramos, Vladimr Guerrero Jr.’s mother, is a Montrealer who gave birth to her son in 1999. His mother, Riquelma Ramos, is a baseball legend and is very familiar with the game. She has also supported Guerrero in his career, cooking for him and his brothers and providing a safe environment for his children to grow up.

Alvino Guerrero, who is affectionately known as “grandma” by some, stayed with her son at every minor league level and helped him achieve his goals. Alvino assisted her son in cooking and supervised his career. During his childhood, she cooked in bulk for her mother’s food stand in Don Gregorio, where she learned the culinary skills that would be needed to be an excellent cook.

Riquelma Ramos, the mother of Vladimir Guerrero Jr., is known as Riquelma Ramos. She is active on Facebook, as can be seen by her social media activity. She gave birth on March 16, 1999 to her son, but she has not revealed her exact date of birth. Riquelma holds a Dominican nationality and is of mixed ethnicity. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. was born in Montreal, and his father was an experienced baseball player who played for 16 seasons. The couple split when Vladimir was a child.

Despite his father’s success, the young Guerrero family is proud of him and his accomplishments. His father and mother played professional baseball for many decades and have been baseball legends themselves. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. mother hopes her son will be as successful. They are proud of their son and wish him continued success in his career. They have a lot to celebrate in the future, and she and her husband are happy to have their son play the game he loves.

Riquelma Ramos is a quiet woman in public life. She studied French in Montreal before moving to the Dominican Republic with Vladimir Guerrero Sr. Vlad Guerrero Sr., in addition to her eight children, has also been married to five other women and has eight more children. As of 2012, the former baseball star paid $25,000 a month for child support.

Vlad Guerrero Jr. was named the unanimous minor-league player’s choice in May 2018. He is expected to make his debut in major leagues. He could even match Mike Trout’s career that included seven MVP awards and a World Series championship. Despite the recent controversy, his mother and brother are happy that their son is now a major-league baseball player.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Mother and Father
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